{Show & Tell} Hand-painted & hand-stamped fabrics

Yaansoon - Handpainted home textiles

We’re about to reveal a new batch of hand-painted fabric pouches and pillow cases here at Yaansoon, this indie Handmade-in-Jordan brand.Very excited about this, especially that fabric is my favorite medium! Hand-painting and stamping are real fun. There is a … Continue reading

{Announcement} Yaansoon is now part of Go Local Jo

Go Local Jo - Yaansoon - BeAMman 2

Although Go Local Jo, a lovely initiative to promote Made in Jordan creativity has added Yaansoon a while back to their directory of local creative folk, I believe it’s about time to announce this to the world!

Go Local Jo - on YaansoonThe grass-root initiative comes with the motto ‘Go Local, Support Local’ and “aims to reinvigorate Jordan’s local economy by supporting and promoting 4 different industries,” including artists and musicians. It was launched by the same founder of BeAmman, a wonderful website that tells you so much about the nooks and crannies of Amman – including small local shops/restaurants that create special things/food.

You can visit Yaansoon’s page on Go Local Jo over here.

And you can see the initiative’s logo on Yaansoon’s website, over here.

BeAmman -  on Yaansoon

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{Show & Tell} Handmade coin push pins & bookmarks

Coin push pins by Yaansoon Handmade copper bookmarks | By Yaansoon Coin push pins by Yaansoon. Made in JordanI love handmade office trinkets, they bring so much character and warmth into one’s office or craft room. A while back, I finished working on my copper bookmarks and coin push pins. They are now on display at Mlabbas.

Next thing I’m thinking of experimenting with involves other organic materials, with a botanical twist…. so stay tuned!




{A CHANCE TO WIN} Like Yaansoon on Facebook

Handmade in Amman, Handmade in Jordan, Yaansoon, Facebook, Rainbow Street, Mlabbas, Souk JARA

Hello friends, I would like to invite you to join Yaansoon’s new Facebook page. Don’t forget to share and recommend to your loved ones… for a CHANCE TO WIN. Our Facebook page will be dedicated to inspiration, re-posts from this … Continue reading

{DIY Packaging} Make your own indie-business tags

Yaansoon new stamped tagsMaking your own tags is really easy. Tags are important to a handmade indie business, like Yaansoon, because they create brand visibility to your handmade items. And for practical reasons, they allow you to stick price tags to their back.

I have discussed in previous posts, the importance of packaging to brand identity. Here are a few links:

DIY packaging, DIY tagAs an indie business, you don’t have to hire a professional to create a brand identity. This will help you keep your costs down, and at the same time the learning experience is so enjoyable.

The materials used for this project:

  • Tag template
  • Hole punch & scissors
  • Custom-made stamp with your logo on it
  • Ink

DIY packaging, DIY stamped tag, handmade businessA lot of research is involved, and so many nights of thinking and work. But when you actually create your own handmade trademark, with packaging that speaks to your concept, a logo, and social media pages… you will feel a great sense of satisfaction!

DIY indie business tagsThis is what Yaansoon did to me! A lot of joy, and a beautiful experimental journey.

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{Announcement} Official launch of Yaansoon at Amman’s Mlabbas

يانسون في ملبّس - شارع الرينبو، عمان، الأردنI have a big announcement to make… You can now buy your favorite handcrafted objects from Yaansoon at Mlabbas, a wonderful indie shop located, just round the corner from Yaansoon’s workshop, at 28 Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan!

Get your hands on one of Yaansoon’s handcrafted personal objects, jewelry, trinkets, and handmade baubles – starting today (Wednesday – Nov 27, 2013)!

We’re finally releasing Yaansoon’s jewelry and office & home accessories at Mlabbas {www.mlabbas.com}, a homegrown indie shop located at the Rainbow Street, Jebal Amman, Jordan.

ملبّس الآن يبيع الأعمال اليدوية من صنع يانسون

Yaasnoon’s stand (left) is inches away from a mini Mlabbas T-shirt at the indie shop’s location in Rainbow Street

Mlabbas is a wonderful space that sells & makes locally-designed T-shirts, canvas bags, mugs, stickers, handmade products, as well as vintage and experimental arts and objects. The newest addition to Mlabbas’ existing blend of indie products is no other than Yaansoon | Handcrafted Personal Objects.

Yaansoon display at Mlabbas, 28 Rainbow Street

We just came back from Mlabbas, after saying hello to the lovely staff there, and after having a friendly chat with CEO Imad Shawwa, who really made us feel welcome & very much excited that we’re featuring Yaansoon at such a creative and happening place.

UPDATE: Click here to see what Mlabbas has posted on their Facebook page about the Yaansoon launch: “The unique handmade and organic Yaansoon collection is now available at the Mlabbas Rainbow Street store.”

Mlabbas bags can be seen in the background of our Yaansoon stand, now nestling quietly at one of the indie shop's accessory tables

Mlabbas bags can be seen in the background of our Yaansoon stand, now nestling quietly at one of the indie shop’s accessory tables

Organic v.s. Oriental

مصنوعات يدوية من يانسون الآن في ملبّس - عمان الأردنA little bit about the two collections now on display: We open Yaansoon’s winter season with Mlabbas by introducing two main collections: Organic v.s. Oriental.

The first collection, Organic, consists of copper rings, and copper-plated brooches that come with a variety of beads, as well as earth-hued jewelry, handmade copper bookmarks, in addition to genuine-leather necklaces that come with gemstones, like amethyst.

The Oriental collection celebrates the color blue and introduces several items that come with handmade Turkish ceramic beads, re-interpreted in a way to add a touch of modernity to the traditional origins of these oddly-shaped globes.

Visit Mlabbas to buy Yaansoon, or virtually drop by their Facebbok page for a tour around their latest.

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NEW at Mlabbas

New hand-painted 100% cotton pouches & pillow cases | By Yaansoon

Yaansoon hand-painted 100% cotton pouches. bags. purses - Now available at Mlabbas, Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan

Olive Oil & Salt Homemade Soap | By Yaansoon

Yaansoon handmade soap at Mlabbas, 28 Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan

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More links leading to this announcement:

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