{Show & Tell} Handmade coin push pins & bookmarks

Coin push pins by Yaansoon Handmade copper bookmarks | By Yaansoon Coin push pins by Yaansoon. Made in JordanI love handmade office trinkets, they bring so much character and warmth into one’s office or craft room. A while back, I finished working on my copper bookmarks and coin push pins. They are now on display at Mlabbas.

Next thing I’m thinking of experimenting with involves other organic materials, with a botanical twist…. so stay tuned!




{Events in Amman} Ikea to open in Jordan soon… finally!

Ikea in Amman - Yaansoon - Handmade - Mlabbas 3

I’m a huge fan of Ikea… I actually prayed that Ikea would come to Jordan. I’ve been checking the web for 2 years now in hopes of seeing this happen. Well, Ikea’s newly launched Jordan website promises us that the opening is soon to happen!

UPDATE: Ikea Jordan’s  opening will be on March 6!

I love the Ikea brand. I love Sweden and the Scandinavian aesthetic because of Ikea. I have been infatuated with the Scandinavian arts and handcrafts ever since Ikea introduced me to this beautiful and rich culture many many years ago.

Ika to open in Amman soon | Post by Yaansoon

Scandinavian design is generally minimalist… yet rich with motifs and visual stories. There are so many Scandinavian artists out there who make beautiful things. My favorite is Lotta Jansdotter, a surface and textile designer whose work is unbelievably beautiful… and inspiring. The dishes below are currently featured on her website. Simple, yet so elegant and playful at the same time!

Lotta Jansdotter workThe modern Scandinavian aesthetic has a lot of leaves and botanical motifs – with a minimalist touch that one cannot miss. You can immediately tell this plate or that napkin are Scandinavian from the white background that has a minimalist pop of color and shapes that marry geometry with movement,  so stylishly. It doesn’t always have to be white. There are pieces that are drenched in color but are within a certain colour palette and most of the time come with a certain minimalist, geometric feel to them.

Ikea in AmmanMy experience with Ikea in other countries has always been much more than just buying things. It’s about understanding the Scandinavian style and bringing it home – by pondering how Ikea puts together shelves and baskets and trinkets… and makes them a genuinely interesting piece of home.

Welcome to Jordan, Ikea!

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Photo credits: 1, 2 & 4 are from the Ikea Jordan website. 3 is from Lotta Jansdotter’s website.

{Show & Tell} Olive Oil & Salt Homemade Soap

Yaansoon handmade soap at Mlabbas, 28 Rainbow Street, Amman, JordanHello friends, today I would like to share with you a new handmade project by Yaansoon, a limited-edition homemade soap collection that does wonders for your skin.

UPDATE: The soaps are now available at Mlabbas, 28 Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan.

Coming up with this soap formula was inspired by two things: The  salt spray trending in fashion circles these days, which brings luster and shine to your hair… and the effects of soaking one’s feet in a basin of warm water and salt.

Yaansoon handmade soap at Mlabbas, 28 Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan

If putting salt on the hair and feet makes them feel smoother and shinier, and proves to be such a wonderful cleanser, then why not use it in facial cleansing? That’s what I thought to myself.

This  inspired me to experiment with the effects of salt on ones facial skin.

Yaansoon handmade soap at Mlabbas, 28 Rainbow Street, Amman, JordanAnd guess what? My hunch was right. Salt moisturizes, exfoliates, and brings back the luster and shine into your facial skin, without being too harsh – like chemical-based soaps. Combined with the goodness of olive oil, which fights dry skin, salt can really transform one’s face.

This is why my husband and I decided to create a limited edition of Yaansoon Olive Oil & Salt Soaps to share this goodness with people who already like Yaansoon’s objects, which are on sale at Mlabbas, 28 Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan.

Yaansoon handmade soap at Mlabbas, 28 Rainbow Street, Amman, JordanEach soap bar comes with a vegetable base sponge. The soap is not particularly foamy, but rubbing some of it onto the sponge then stroking the sponge against one’s face will bring nice results, such as getting rid of black heads around the nose area, as well tone down acne.

In a few days we’ll follow up on an announcement on where you can find these soaps,

Take care for now :)

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Other Yaansoon objects on display at Mlabbas

New hand-painted 100% cotton pouches & pillow cases | By Yaansoon

Yaansoon hand-painted 100% cotton pouches. bags. purses - Now available at Mlabbas, Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan

{Announcement} Official launch of Yaansoon at Amman’s Mlabbas

يانسون في ملبّس - شارع الرينبو، عمان، الأردن

{Show & Tell} New Handmade Boho Wire Rings | By Yaansoon

Handmade bohemian ring by Yaansoon

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{A CHANCE TO WIN} Like Yaansoon on Facebook

Handmade in Amman, Handmade in Jordan, Yaansoon, Facebook, Rainbow Street, Mlabbas, Souk JARA

Hello friends, I would like to invite you to join Yaansoon’s new Facebook page. Don’t forget to share and recommend to your loved ones… for a CHANCE TO WIN. Our Facebook page will be dedicated to inspiration, re-posts from this … Continue reading

{DIY Packaging} Make your own indie-business tags

Yaansoon new stamped tagsMaking your own tags is really easy. Tags are important to a handmade indie business, like Yaansoon, because they create brand visibility to your handmade items. And for practical reasons, they allow you to stick price tags to their back.

I have discussed in previous posts, the importance of packaging to brand identity. Here are a few links:

DIY packaging, DIY tagAs an indie business, you don’t have to hire a professional to create a brand identity. This will help you keep your costs down, and at the same time the learning experience is so enjoyable.

The materials used for this project:

  • Tag template
  • Hole punch & scissors
  • Custom-made stamp with your logo on it
  • Ink

DIY packaging, DIY stamped tag, handmade businessA lot of research is involved, and so many nights of thinking and work. But when you actually create your own handmade trademark, with packaging that speaks to your concept, a logo, and social media pages… you will feel a great sense of satisfaction!

DIY indie business tagsThis is what Yaansoon did to me! A lot of joy, and a beautiful experimental journey.

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{Packaging Video Tutorial} DIY Glassine tag with sequin

DIY packaging | Glassine tag with sequin inside

Today I would like to share with you my first video ever, and I’m happy to say it’s actually a DIY video tutorial explaining the simple steps for making a cute mini glassine tag, with sequin inside.

DIY packaging | Glassine tag with sequin insideYou can write a mini note on this glassine tag, but I chose to stamp a “love” note instead. The stamp ink did bleed, but I liked the final effect.

Tools & Materials: DIY packaging | Glassine tag with sequin insideThe tools & materials you need to make this lovely tag are:

  • Glassine parchment paper
  • Tag template
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors
  • Stamp
  • Ink
  • Sequin
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch
  • Optional: Washi tape, scotch tape

DIY packaging | Glassine tag with sequin insideTo watch the DIY video, click here to go to my website {yaansoon.moonfruit.com}, or the link below:

DIY glassine & sequin tag | by Yaansoon from Yaansoon on Vimeo.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed watching the video… have a lovely day!

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