‘The Tipping Point’: The book that changed the way I think as a creative entrepreneur

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference is the debut book by Malcolm Gladwell

Good books usually have layers and layers of meaning to keep you on a never-ending journey of self discovery and transformation. This (layers of meaning) is exactly what newly-created Millennial blogs seem to lack! After reading a phenomenal number of … Continue reading

Which kitchen style works best with our tribal-minimalist oven mitts?

Yaansoon tribal industrial kitchen linens - handmade oven mitt | Tribal kitchen linens

I’ve been playing around with some images to see which styles work best with our handmade tribal-minimalist kitchen linens. And so I came up with these moodboards to help me visualize the outcome! The minimalist style can take many shapes. … Continue reading

About being featured on Etsy treasuries… & our wanderlust aprons

travel-inspired handcrafts, tribal print, tribal kitchen linens

Two ladies and fellow Etsy sellers did the wonderful thing of featuring our tribal minimalist aprons on their Etsy treasuries. Thank you, ladies! In a previous post, Home & Kitchen: Nomadic and Tribal Inspirations, I spoke about how the tribal … Continue reading

Gold leaf necklace with a dash of gilded inspiration

Main new - moonfruit yaansoon - gold leaf

I wanted to experiment with combining two extremes: Natural wood which is earthy, organic and minimalist – and glamorous  gold leaf, a shiny and bold material. I then added a brass chain to give my tree-branch pendants a vintage nostalgic … Continue reading