{Show & Tell} Handmade Ombre Tassel Keyrings

Yaansoon ombre tassel key rings -cWe’ve just finished working on our new ombre tassel keyrings. We used 100% cotton twine, and non-toxic fabric-friendly paint to create this lovely ombre effect.

A small wooden bead is like the cherry on the top. These tassels are part of our new collection “Quirky Meets Boho.”

What other colours would you like to see these tassels in?

Yaansoon tassel keyring

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{Craft Show} Yaansoon at The Farmers’ Market

The Farmers' Marker - Facebook 2 - by Yaansoon

March was a busy month for Yaansoon. We had our first craft show appearance in Amman, and that was at The Farmers’ Market. This lovely organic market brings together a number of independent farmers, some of whom are our friends. So we decided to help out by designing the market’s logo, as well as the social media announcements, such as the one you see above!

Yaansoon at The Farmers' Market14-3-2015_e We also had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing people at the market. There you can find organic foods (like Andalusian-style pickled olives by Jerash Eco Farm, chemical-free eggs by Al-Yousra, and homemade sour-bread, and much much more).

Yaansoon at The Farmers' Market14-3-2015_fBelow are some of our pictures from the market (March 14, 2015)… enjoy!

Yaansoon at The Farmers' Market14-3-2015_a Yaansoon at The Farmers' Market14-3-2015_b Yaansoon at The Farmers' Market14-3-2015_c Yaansoon at The Farmers' Market14-3-2015_d  Yaansoon at The Farmers' Market14-3-2015_gThe Farmers’ Market takes place every Saturday in Jabal Amman, near the 3rd Circle, Building No. 4 (which is location for The Blessed Ones Society), Qas Bin Saida St. (Near Bonita).

The Farmer's Marker - MAP- by YaansoonThanks for stopping by!

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{Craft Show} Yaansoon at Souk el Sodfeh

Yaansoon 'Quirky meets Boho' collection at Souk el Sodfeh craft show - 2

Join Yaansoon at Souk el Sodfeh this coming Saturday

April 4, 2015 ~ from 12-7pm
In Lweibdeh (Shari’a Street, the first right after Al Afghani and             Fann wa Chai)
Follow Yaansoon: www.facebook.com/yaansoon

Yaansoon at Souk el Sodfeh - Sat 4-4-2015

Yaansoon will be taking part – for the very first time – in Souk el Sodfeh, this Saturday (April 4, 2015) in Lweibdeh. We are so excited about this lovely craft show that brings together some of the most amazing handmade crafts, home-made products, organic food stuffs, recycled artwork, and so much more.

By the way, Souk el Sodfeh (also spelt: Souq el Sodfeh by the organizers) takes place first Saturday of every month.

Here are some of the crafts we made at Yaansoon, and which will be on display during the Souk. Since this is a collective collection featuring different crafts we make, we called it, “Quirky Meets Boho.”

Yaansoon - Colors - cushion cover - blue Yaansoon - Colors - cushion covers with inserts Yaansoon - Colors - cushion coversYaansoon - at The Farmers' Market 14-3-2015 - 4b Yaansoon - at The Farmers' Market 14-3-2015 - 3b Yaansoon - at The Farmers' Market 14-3-2015 - 5b Handmade beaded necklaces by Yaansoon 2014 - Jordan - w logoSee you there!

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{Show & Tell} Organic-style & Boho… Copper Jewelry Art

Working with copper and natural materials has always been so gratifying. The art of making organic-style jewelry has always been something we love to do over here at Yaansoon.

Yaansoon - Handcrafted Copper Broach Collection | Handmade pins and broaches | Copper-plated wire jewelry with beads

Wondering about where to shop these boho copper rings, necklaces, and brooches? Check out this post here.

Want a quick look at other jewelry artwork by Yaansoon? Check out these rings here.

Want to check out our upcycled coin push pins? Here is the post for you.

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{Show & Tell} Mother’s Day Gifts by Yaansoon

Yaansoon FB Cover Mothers Day 2dVery excited to start the countdown for our first edition of Yaansoon’s “framed art.” This collection will soon be revealed in celebration of Mother’s Day.

The frames will feature decoupaged as well as hand-stenciled art to be available in two colors. The actual designs are original and come in different sizes and color combinations.

Yaansoon Mother's Day (2)c

Mother’s Day is in exactly a month! We’ve been planning and working on this collection for a couple of months now and can’t wait to raise the curtain on this truly exclusive collection!

Yaansoon Mother's Day (2)b

To keep you updated, join our Facebook page here.


Here are the frames we revealed before March 21… a quick glimpse!

Yaansoon - Mother;s Day Framed Gifts2Thank you for stopping by!

{Show & Tell} Buttons and pom poms as push pins

Yaansoon push pins on cork board Did you read my recent post about Yaansoon’s new office accessories? If you hadn’t had the chance, click here to read on. Our new push pins upcycle buttons and pom poms into cute little push pins.

Yaansoon button push pins - BeigeWhat makes the whole collection even more quirky is the mini jars we used to package the push pins as seen in these pictures!

Yaansoon button push pins - PeachAren’t these as cute as button?! If you are in Amman, you can find them at Mlabbas in Rainbow Street.

Yaansoon pom pom push pinsHead out to our Facebook page for more, and thanks for stopping by!

{Show & Tell} Organic driftwood… to handmade office push pins

Organic driftwood turned to office pushpins, by YaansoonIt can’t get more “organic” than this! I created these tree-branch push pins with my husband a while back, using driftwood we’ve found on the sides of the streets!

My husband takes long walks around town to look for materials for Yaansoon. He once told me that a lot of people are pruning their trees and throwing long tree branches at the sides of the tiny roads connecting the Jebal Amman area where our atelier and craft room is located.

I asked him to bring back with him some of these tree branches to see if we can do something with them. And in deed we did!

We washed the tree branches and placed them in a sunny area to air dry. My husband then used a saw to cut them to pieces, we then found a way to turn them into push pins. We experimented with many kinds of wood before finally finding the one kind that really worked as a push pin.

These push pins, aka thumb tacks, look great on a cork board. Absolutely rustic and original and we love them.

  • To buy these thumbtacks in the Amman area, please read this post, or this post, for further details.
  • To learn more about the “recycled” packaging used for these wooden push pins, read this post.

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{DIY Packaging} Recycling Ikea packaging to make your own… handmade packaging!

Yaansoon wood pushpins 2Recycling materials to create our own packaging is at the heart of Yaansoon’s philosophy. Why add more litter to the world, when we can turn it to a functional piece of art or packaging?

The packaging of the tree-branch push pins I mentioned in a previous post, is  very interesting. See the triangle cardboard boxes below? These are actually made from protective packaging used by IKEA JORDAN to wrap their HYLLIS garden shelving unit.

Yaansoon wood pushpins- recycled packaging These white cardboard triangles looked too cute to throw away, so we decided to recycle them into packaging for our handmade wooden push, pins, aka thumb tacks.

Yaansoon wood pushpins -LARGEHere is a photo of IKEA’s HYLLIS shelves {click photo to go to source}.

IKEA Jordan - Hyllis - Yaansoon - RecyclingThese shelves come with some really useful packaging. Actually all Ikea packaging is useful. We have recycled many cardboard items into packaging for Yaansoon. We also upcycle paper and other materials to package our handmade products, like glass jars, fabric, and metal.

{Show & Tell} Handmade office accessories & wooden brooches, with recycled packaging

Yaansoon push pin announecement - New Year _2jpgA few days ago, we started selling these most unique {and cute} office accessories, at Mlabbas, in Rainbow Street.

The office accessories comprise of:

Want to buy these push pins in the Amman area, read this post.


The packaging of the tree-branch push pins is  very interesting. The packaging is actually made using protective packaging elements used by IKEA JORDAN to wrap their HYLLIS garden shelving unit. These white cardboard triangles looked too cute to throw away, so we decided to recycle them into packaging for our handmade wooden push, pins, aka thumb tacks. Read more about recycling Ikea packaging, over here


Here is a general photo of the new products. Notice the minimalist streak running through all of them.

Yaansoon pushpins & brooches 2Packaging

For button and coin push pins we decided to go with mini jars as packaging. We love minimalist packaging, so what we did was place a Yaansoon logo sticker on each of these mini jars, and we were good to go.

Our kind friends at Mlabbas placed our new office handcrafts on a wooden shelf and told us they absolutely loved our work.

Thanks guys!


As for the brooches, they come in two forms:

  • Wooden tree-branch brooches, with illustrated words (see photo below)
  • Wooden tree-branch brooches, minimalist

Yaansoon wood brooches with words B

Head out to our Facebook page for more, and thanks for stopping by!

Yaansoon push pin announecement - New Year 2015 - ARABIC_2

{Show & Tell} Handmade copper bookmarks

Handmade copper bookmarks | By YaansoonA while back, I finished working on a number of copper bookmarks. They were now on display at Mlabbas, and have sold out.

Working with copper is so gratifying, and I prefer the earthy hues of this beautiful metal to other shinier versions, like silver and gold.

Using a copper bookmark to keep track of the last page you were reading is so nice… and different. I think it makes for a nice gift to a loved one, don’t you think?

For more inspiration, you can always visit our website: yaansoon.moonfruit.com

{New Year} Jordanian craft house, Yaansoon, wishes you a happy 2015

Happy 2015 from Yaansoon2-b

We’re so happy at Yaansoon to receive the new year with new project ideas and handcrafts, to be revealed soon! What is more important is our gratitude for your support and interest in this locally-made, homegrown house of crafts!

Here is a happy new year to all of you! We wish you a wonderful 2015… and we hope that all your dreams will come true! Our wishes for Yaansoon are so many, including our hope to further diversify our handmade work, and to venture into new and exciting DIY and handmade experiments.

In a few days, we will be raising the curtain on a number of newly-made handmade crafts, to be on sale at the lovely Mlabbas, on Rainbow Street, Amman Jordan – so stay tuned!

We welcome 2015 with an open heart and a big smile and pray that it will bring with it brilliant change, amazing experiences, and tasty treats :)

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