About being featured on Etsy treasuries… & our wanderlust aprons

Tribal Aprom, turquoise apron, handmade apron, Etsy apron, minimalist apron, cotton apron

Two ladies and fellow Etsy sellers did the wonderful thing of featuring our tribal minimalist aprons on their Etsy treasuries. Thank you, ladies! In a previous post, Home & Kitchen: Nomadic and Tribal Inspirations, I spoke about how the tribal … Continue reading

Gold leaf necklace with a dash of gilded inspiration

Main new - moonfruit yaansoon - gold leaf

I wanted to experiment with combining two extremes: Natural wood which is earthy, organic and minimalist – and glamorous  gold leaf, a shiny and bold material. I then added a brass chain to give my tree-branch pendants a vintage nostalgic … Continue reading

When you do things from your soul…

Yaansoon _ When you do things from your soul

I’ve been reflecting today on the joy of making handmade objects and designs, on your own, and with basic materials. Nothing beats that. The state of mind (and being) when you make handcrafted items is completely different from writing a … Continue reading

Fashion Inspiration of the Day: Burberry’s interpretation of tribal rugs

Yaansoon admired Burberry tribal rug bag

Fashion Inspiration of the Day: Burberry’s interpretation of tribal rugs by yaansoon featuring burberry purses I’ve always admired Burberry. Known for its famous check pattern, Burberry has taken a different approach to design in recent years, by incorporating different unexpected … Continue reading

Home & Fashion: A Look Book with ‘tribal minimalist’ & ‘boho’ inspirations

Yaansoon Look Book 2015-2016

It’s finally here! Our 2015-2016 Look Book is a quick guide to our tribal, nomadic and boho handmade creations. We embedded the new Look Book on our wesbite, but you can always check it out on ISSUU. I tried to … Continue reading