{DIY Packaging} Recycling Ikea packaging to make your own… handmade packaging!

Yaansoon wood pushpins 2Recycling materials to create our own packaging is at the heart of Yaansoon’s philosophy. Why add more litter to the world, when we can turn it to a functional piece of art or packaging?

The packaging of the tree-branch push pins I mentioned in a previous post, is  very interesting. See the triangle cardboard boxes below? These are actually made from protective packaging used by IKEA JORDAN to wrap their HYLLIS garden shelving unit.

Yaansoon wood pushpins- recycled packaging These white cardboard triangles looked too cute to throw away, so we decided to recycle them into packaging for our handmade wooden push, pins, aka thumb tacks.

Yaansoon wood pushpins -LARGEHere is a photo of IKEA’s HYLLIS shelves {click photo to go to source}.

IKEA Jordan - Hyllis - Yaansoon - RecyclingThese shelves come with some really useful packaging. Actually all Ikea packaging is useful. We have recycled many cardboard items into packaging for Yaansoon. We also upcycle paper and other materials to package our handmade products, like glass jars, fabric, and metal.

{Show & Tell} Handmade office accessories & wooden brooches, with recycled packaging

Yaansoon push pin announecement - New Year _2jpgA few days ago, we started selling these most unique {and cute} office accessories, at Mlabbas, in Rainbow Street.

The office accessories comprise of:

Want to buy these push pins in the Amman area, read this post.


The packaging of the tree-branch push pins is  very interesting. The packaging is actually made using protective packaging elements used by IKEA JORDAN to wrap their HYLLIS garden shelving unit. These white cardboard triangles looked too cute to throw away, so we decided to recycle them into packaging for our handmade wooden push, pins, aka thumb tacks. Read more about recycling Ikea packaging, over here


Here is a general photo of the new products. Notice the minimalist streak running through all of them.

Yaansoon pushpins & brooches 2Packaging

For button and coin push pins we decided to go with mini jars as packaging. We love minimalist packaging, so what we did was place a Yaansoon logo sticker on each of these mini jars, and we were good to go.

Our kind friends at Mlabbas placed our new office handcrafts on a wooden shelf and told us they absolutely loved our work.

Thanks guys!


As for the brooches, they come in two forms:

  • Wooden tree-branch brooches, with illustrated words (see photo below)
  • Wooden tree-branch brooches, minimalist

Yaansoon wood brooches with words B

Head out to our Facebook page for more, and thanks for stopping by!

Yaansoon push pin announecement - New Year 2015 - ARABIC_2

{Show & Tell} Handmade copper bookmarks

Handmade copper bookmarks | By YaansoonA while back, I finished working on a number of copper bookmarks. They were now on display at Mlabbas, and have sold out.

Working with copper is so gratifying, and I prefer the earthy hues of this beautiful metal to other shinier versions, like silver and gold.

Using a copper bookmark to keep track of the last page you were reading is so nice… and different. I think it makes for a nice gift to a loved one, don’t you think?

For more inspiration, you can always visit our website: yaansoon.moonfruit.com

{New Year} Jordanian craft house, Yaansoon, wishes you a happy 2015

Happy 2015 from Yaansoon2-b

We’re so happy at Yaansoon to receive the new year with new project ideas and handcrafts, to be revealed soon! What is more important is our gratitude for your support and interest in this locally-made, homegrown house of crafts!

Here is a happy new year to all of you! We wish you a wonderful 2015… and we hope that all your dreams will come true! Our wishes for Yaansoon are so many, including our hope to further diversify our handmade work, and to venture into new and exciting DIY and handmade experiments.

In a few days, we will be raising the curtain on a number of newly-made handmade crafts, to be on sale at the lovely Mlabbas, on Rainbow Street, Amman Jordan – so stay tuned!

We welcome 2015 with an open heart and a big smile and pray that it will bring with it brilliant change, amazing experiences, and tasty treats :)

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{Announcement} Yaansoon is now part of ‘Made in Jordan’

Yaansoon on Made in Jordan website

Yesterday was a really special day. It was the day we joined the “Made in Jordan” website, created recently to chronicle every brand and trademark that was created in this lovely country! Yaansoon is currently featured on the front page … Continue reading

{Announcement} Yaansoon is part of Creative Jordan

Made in JordanIt’s been a while now, maybe a year or so, since Creative Jordan added Yaansoon to its community or artists and designers. But it’s never too late to announce this to the world :)

But before I tell you a little bit about Creative Jordan, please don’t hesitate to visit our page on that lovely portal, over here.

So what is Creative Jordan you ask? It’s a project funded by the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC). The program has been doing all sorts of creative activities in Jordan, mopstly, in my opinion, were aimed at building the capacity of the Jordanian creative sector.

The program’s website says:

“Creative industries are important because they have the potential to generate income and to create jobs while promoting social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development.    Globally the industries of creative economy are: Architecture; Crafts; Cultural heritage; Design; Educational & leisure software; Fashion; Film, video and audiovisual production; Literature, libraries and publishing; Music; Performing arts & entertainment ; Television, radio & Internet broadcasting; and Visual arts.”

I was once at a workshop organized by the British Council about the creative sector, and one of the experts said that the creative industries in the UK contribute a hefty 8% out of their GDP.

However, according to CBI (UK’s premier business lobbying organisation), “The creative industries contribute 6% of GDP, employ over 2 million people and export over £16bn annually.”

I’m not sure if there are any figures about the contribution of the Jordanian creative industries to the GDP, but it does seem the sector is in dire need for support!

Oh, and before I go, did I mention Yaansoon is also part of Go Local Jo’s network? Check out this post to learn more about it!

Thanks and take care…

{Free Printable} 2015 Calendar

Free Printable, 2015 Calendar

Go ahead and decorate your desk with this lovely free-printable 2015 calendar, courtesy of Yaansoon!

Here are some DIY tips and ideas to turn this calendar into a nice gift:

  • Print out the calendar on some nice sturdy card-stock (preferably white).
  • If you would like to hang it on the wall, just punch in two little holes on the top and insert some matching twine or ribbon.
  • Alternatively, you can insert the calendar inside a frame, which will give it a nice finishing touch.
  • You can also play around with it and add some washi-tape, embellishment or even stickers to your heart’s content (treat it like the canvas of a scrapbook).

All you need to do is click the image above to go to the Attachment Page for an instant high-res download!

Happy New Year all!

Note: The original source of the images used to construct and alter this calendar were designed by Freepik.com. We used the free vectors offered at the site and altered a couple of designs to come up with ours.

{Show & Tell} Felt owl brooches, key-chains & necklaces

Felt Owls

Felt owls are so cute we can’t get enough of them! Adorned with beads and sequin, these owls entered the hearts of our customers, especially the young ones! Here is a look at the beautiful owl-inspired products we currently have … Continue reading

{Show & Tell} New hand-painted 100% cotton pillow cases

Yaansoon hand-painted 100% cotton pillow cases - Now available at Mlabbas, Rainbow Street, Amman, JordanOur conversation pillow cases, are about to make a come-back. They were a hit when we first released them at Mlabbas, that’s why we decided to create more of these lovelies with more colour options to choose from!

These hand-painted pillow cases come with a question we also ask our guests in this part of the world: “Teshrab Chai?” (i.e: Would you like some tea?”)

Yaansoon hand-painted 100% cotton pillow cases - Now available at Mlabbas, Rainbow Street, Amman, JordanWe thought a pillow popping the question would be the perfect fun addition to your living room!

Yaansoon hand-painted 100% cotton pillow cases - Now available at Mlabbas, Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan

If ou have purchased these lovely pillow cases from Yaansoon, you can find all the instructions you need to laundry them, below…

Yaansoon - Page Seperator

Laundry Instructions

Yaansoon fabric wash instructions

  • Machine wash :: Gentle Cycle
  • Water temperature :: 30 degrees C
  • Allow to air dry :: Don’t tumble dry
  • Iron on reverse side :: Cotton setting

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{Yaansoon Newsletter No. 1} Read all about the new handmade Jordanian flag

Yaansoon, Amman, Made in Jordan. Handmade in Jordan, Jordan, Royal Family, DIY

I love online handmade publications. That’s what inspired me to come up with my own handmade newsletter, in both Arabic and English, to share Yaansoon’s handmadeology with the world!

I launched issue No. 1 of Yaansoon’s newsletter a few days ago. It’s on my website now, and you can find it here.

This newsletter is the first handmade newsletter in Jordan – that I have come across. It combines inspiration, with a little bit of background, and links to DIY videos.

In addition to speaking a little about the Jordan Pencil Pouches, I explain the inspiration behind bringing a touch of color and geometry to the Jordanian flag. This has never been done before. People are still old school when it comes to creating renditions of our national flag, so this is pretty avant garde!

I think as a first attempt this newsletter looks pretty awesome; I do plan to improve it with time to add more content and to diversify the articles.

For now, I leave you with Yaansoon’s first-ever newsletter. Enjoy!


Yaansoon - Page Seperator

{Fashion} Legendary stories and fairy tale costumes in Dolce & Gabbana’s Winter 2014/15 collection

Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2014-15

Dolce & Gabbana is such an inspiration to me as a designer-maker. I was surfing the net this afternoon looking for ideas for my next Yaansoon project, when I stumbled across this wonderful D&G fashion show, featuring King Lear head covers, Cinderella dresses, and much much more!
This is fashion that is inspired by legendary stories and fairy tales. The show is beautifully put together, reminding us of foxes, forests, and Medieval legends. Continue reading