{Soft Launch} Yaansoon

This is ‘Day 1’ online for us at Yaansoon. Apart from our recent activity on Pinterest, we have been busy offline preparing for the launch of Yaansoon.

The idea of creating Yaansoon came to me and my husband, the artisans, on October 24, 2012. This is our official Yaansoon Birthday.

This isn’t the first time I venture, with my husband, into the world of handmade crafts, jewelry, office supplies and more.

We’ve had another indie brand… I felt I have outgrown that one.

I created “Yaansoon” to accommodate all my new interests, crafts, color pallets, and style.

Yaansoon: Teamwork

My husband and I are a team.

We have designated roles that play our strengths out.

At Yaansoon, I am the Creative Director & Artisan, so to speak, and my hubby is the Production & Marketing Director, Quality Control Officer, as well as my brain-storming partner.

Yaansoon is a collection of Handcrafted Personal Objects that are inspired by our love for botanical themes, animals, found-objects, metallic accents, and so much more.

Our handmade objects span felts, linens, copper & wire jewelry, gemstones, and table-top accessories.  With Yaansoon you can find quirky pushpins for your office, wild animals as office supply holders, home accessories such as tea towels and napkins, and personal treasures made from different materials.



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