{Styling Inspiration} Celebrating the colour green

Green terrarium

This morning, I had fun looking at photos dotted with the colour green; of leaves, plants, botanical arrangements & photo styling ideas. This inspired me to change the banner of this blog into something more representative of Yaansoon, although we’re still not officially launched.

Here are a few photos from around Pinterest, that are about the color Green.

  • What I like about the photo {below}: The lay-out
  • Why: A few leaves on a white background,  and some Photoshop-inserted type. This is a cool idea for other types of product photography.
 Recipe :: Spring Greens with Crispy Potatoes, Herbs & Asparagus Recipe, herbalSource: nicolefranzen.blogspot.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest
  • What I like {below}: The wooden bowl and leaves inside
  • Why: This is an interesting idea to develop. Using wooden bowls with product photo-shoots can be a good idea
a shop previewSource: herriottgrace.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest
  • What I like {below}: The darkish photo tones
  • Why: The green colour of the lettuce is a nice contrast with the darkish wooden cutting board and background
www.agentbauer.comSource: agentbauer.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest
  • What I like {below}: The element of surprise, and artistic innovation
  • Why: A leaf you see everyday on the ground is transformed into a work of art with a touch of bordering crochet. This crocheted leaf | By Susanna Bauer | is the kind of work that reflects a high sense of curiosity and originality
A crocheted leaf | By Susanna Bauer | www.susannabauer.comSource: susannabauer.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest
  • What I like: A single leaf on a white plate
  • Why: Inspiring colour combination with the rest of the elements…
kara rosenlund holiday place cardSource: kararosenlund.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Olives… love Olives

Olive tree branchSource: bersabutik.blogspot.in via Yaansoon on Pinterest

If you live in the Mediterranean area then you must know how important this tree, of olives, is to us over here. Olive oil is not only tasty, it’s a healing balm. Olives are used in endless recipes, and they are simply beautiful to look at… and I love making olive illustrations, that’s why I included them here.

Olive tree | ZaraSource: zara.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

And here’s a photo of a photo, of olive branches…

Olive tree | via IKEA Livet HemmaSource: stilinspiration.blogspot.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed my Green tour… more inspiration to come in future posts… take care!


Image Credit for 1st photo in this post: macnettles.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest




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