{Cinema Inspiration} About a Boy | Starring Hugh Grant

{Cinema Inspiration} About a Boy | Starring Hugh Grant | By YaansoonOne can find inspiration everywhere. That’s what I like to believe, at least in coming up with ideas for Yaansoon. Cinema is one place to go to for general inspiration & food-for-thought. Last evening I watched “About a Boy,” starring Hugh Grant… a real good movie.

About a Boy is a 2002 comedy-drama film production that basically emphasizes the point “No Man is an Island” – John Bon Jovi. I never heard of it before; I was touring IMDB  in search for Hugh Grant movies when I found this one, that’s how I decided to watch it.

What an interesting movie it turned out to be! Nominated for an “Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay,” with actor Hugh Grant {Will} also getting “nominated for the Golden Globe for his performance,” this  film is an “adaptation of the 1998 novel of the same name by Nick Hornby,” according to Wikipedia.

{Cinema Inspiration} About a Boy | Starring Hugh Grant | By YaansoonBoth nominations are well deserved! The little boy playing the role of “Marcus” is also good at reflecting the weirdness of his life, and the balanced head he surprisingly has, although he comes from an imbalanced background.

There is something heart-warming about how people connect {and disconnect} in this movie. The most ego-centric person of all, being Will, is actually the one who has the biggest heart, and the best perspective and insightful character judgement.

He can see exactly how Marcus is wounded, and what kind of a woman his hippie mother, and school, are. Yet, his judgements are not clouded with emotion, he’s cynically detached, until he can no longer sport an aloof stand towards Marcus’s life, and so decides to participate in what he calls at the beginning of the movie, the “Mainland.” You see, he is an “island dweller,” and island dwellers are self-sustained and have no cares at all!

Toni Collette playing the role of looney mom, Fiona Brewer, in
Toni Collette playing the role of looney mom, Fiona Brewer, in “About a Boy,” starring Hugh Grant | 2002 | UK

Laughter: The Outfit Scene

There are a couple of scenes that are so hilarious in this movie. Two consecutive scenes in particular made me laugh so hard. They  start off with the outfit scene {left}, when looney mother, Fiona Brewer {played by Australian  actress Toni Collette} is out having lunch with son, Marcus {Nicholas Hoult}, and Will {Hugh Grant}. The voice-over tells us what both characters, Marcus and Will, are thinking about, and the contrast between them is so very funny. It basically boils down to good screen-play writing, I suppose.

{Cinema Inspiration} About a Boy | Starring Hugh Grant | By YaansoonColour & Interior Inspiration: Will’s Apartment

I actually found the apartment where Will {Hugh Grant} lived very nice to look at, which made me watch the movie twice. It has this contemporary, organic look.

The wooden coffee table, the grey-ish sofa, & the off-white carpet in the TV/Living Room are stylish and nice. The floor-to-ceiling bookcases in one end of the apartment are also very nice. The grey/wood colors are gorgeous.

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