{Colour Inspiration} Green as Pantone’s colour of the year 2013

Pantone- GREN-11262012_cotyslideshow_06

I am sure people who love the colour green will be delighted to learn about Pantone‘s appointed 2013 colour of the year. Yes, it’s the colour Green! Pantone chose to call it Emerald Green.

Pantone color of the year - GREN_cotyslideshow_05

Green: For Protection

As the whole world is about to embrace this beautiful colour, let me just emphasize how Green is the colour of rejuvenation, love, and well-being. It’s the “official” colour we find in nature, and so it has all the goodness properties that we all look for in our lives.

Green is calming, soothing, and healing. It brings back a sense of well-being, and it removes negative energy. It goes well with almost any color scheme you can think about, very versatile, and absolutely lovely. But its most important attribute, according to several folk cultures, is its Protective Nature. Men and women wear green turbans and scarves to protect themselves from negative energy, especially when they go out to crowded markets, streets and work spaces.

Emerald green pitcher | EtsySource: Etsy via Yaansoon on Pinterest

There are people who simply love drinking from green pitchers and tumblers because the very presence of the colour Green is psychologically soothing, and it tells them in unspoken words: “You are going to be OK.”

Green in the fashion industry: Disappointing

The problem with the fashion world is that there is no real understanding of the correlation between Colour & Shape, in my opinion. Designers and companies have already started producing evening gowns and jewelry that sports Emerald Green. But these gowns, skirts, and dresses could have been in any other color, so it’s basically a cut-and-paste job, when it comes to how the fashion industry deals with colour.

Green is a botanical force that needs to be respected and well-represented in the various mediums. This I find pretty lacking in the fashion industry. You don’t find the whole industry changing its overall look with the Colour of the Year, say, by becoming more soothing, and loving, with it’s choice of shapes and lines. It’s the same designs, with a different colour! These dresses could have been in any other colour, like black, or soft pink. This, I find, is a true testimony to how the fashion industry has lost its originality and has become fixated on producing mass-accepted products, instead of products that introduce us to new concepts and attitudes towards life and living.

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