{Packaging Inspiration} What kind of ribbon to use in branding handmade products

White packaging

Packaging is an essential part of any handmade brand. I have completed the process of defining my overall look for “Yaansoon | Handcrafted Personal Objects,” but I am always on the look out for new ideas for future products. I am finding ribbon to be of particular interest, especially that with just a little touch you can transform, and “define,” the image of your product.

Hand-Ripped Fabric RibbonPackaging and image, visual identity, and branding, are so very intertwined. I have seen handmade and factory-made products that are great on their own, but that fail drastically on the packaging front. The logo alone, as a major part of branding, might be OK, but the packaging that is carrying this logo might be completely off track. Loud colors, in-your-face type & fonts, and wrong busy packages, might all contribute to a rather less appealing look.

That is why paying attention to packaging and what it is “saying” to your clients, is very important.

gun metal silver sequin ribbon (5 yards)

This ribbon says: “Glam”

Let’s say you want to say “my product is glamorous,” or to be more accurate “festive,” this silver sequin ribbon is your guy! If you want to say “my product is organic and natural,” I would imagine this kind of ribbon needs to be used wisely and without drowning other packaging elements that should speak for your brand. I would personally steer away from it if I’m trying to leave an organic impression.

Silver ribbonSource: creaturecomfortsblog.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

In the picture below, we see silver sequin with a rather neutral tag . It’s fun to see how the two worlds of glam and earthiness are put together this way. This is intelligent packaging, and it works for a brand that is sending out a sophisticated, contemporary message.

This ribbon says: “There’s more to us than organic”

I love white on white, or off-white on varying shades of cream and beige; that’s the color-scheme I chose for Yaansoon’s tags. However, adding layers of ribbon, pom,pom, burlap, buttons, branches, and fabric, does give a rather luxurious look to a product. You are giving your package the earthiness of color, yet, there is an element of whimsy that lifts the package into a different level. I would imagine this kind of packaging to work well with luxurious handmade soaps – featuring lavender and aromas and essences divine.

White PakagingSource: seesawdesigns.blogspot.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

This ribbon says: “I’m shabby chic, or I’m prairie”

Country-style, vintage, shabby-chic, and prairie, all cross paths at one point or another, especially when delicate, pastel-colored florals are involved. English country styles can also kick in with this mix. If your product belongs to any of the above, then floral strands of ribbon – or shredded pieces of fabric – are your friend. The same kind of ribbon can also be used in packaging products earmarked for teenage girls. There is a thin line between teenage packaging, and adult packaging, especially when pink and pastels are being used. For my previous craft brand, I had a rough time learning to balance the pinks, to give out the right vibe and to speak to the right audience.

Vintage Calico Ribbon CardVintage Calico Ribbon CardSource: Etsy via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Yaansoon packaging: twine and hemp

I chose off-white packaging with book pages, twine, and hemp, to package my handmade wire jewelry. I tried so many other packaging colors and looks, and they all drowned out my products, so I went for a kind of packaging that was fun, yet,  was neutral enough to show-off the packaged product.

Yaansoon handmade boho ringI hope you found some useful tips in this post. Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you again soon!



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