{Packaging Inspiration} Ideas for decorating plain Kraft boxes

Boxes & packaging are a big part of creating an indie handmade brand. Although in this video here, you see decorative ideas to turn plain boxes into festive ones {Video by Beadaholique}, I actually found a lot of inspiration in the way these boxes were altered into something totally new and fresh.

If you have a small handmade venture, like I do {Yaansoon}, then you must have experimented with many ideas to come up with packaging styles that well-represent your brand. I have learned, from my previous craft venture, that a simple touch is all you need to create a beautiful package for your handmade jewelry, soaps, and small artifacts.

yaansoon-copper-and-wooden-beads-necklace-2.jpg Related articles


2 thoughts on “{Packaging Inspiration} Ideas for decorating plain Kraft boxes

  1. That’s really very interesting! Actually i was going to start putting up for sale my boxes and bags with different little hand stamped decorations. :) Some people love to create their own decorations, but there are also some who’d rather have them done and ready to be used because of the lack of time. That’s where i try my best to meet their expectations. :)
    Have a lovely day!


    1. I’m actually so interested in indie packaging, and love the fact you offer it through your Etsy shop! I wish you all the best of luck and more success to come your way :)



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