{Culinary Experiments} Homemade Quiche with an alternative corn-flour crust

{Culinary Experiments} Homemade Quiche with an alternative corn-flour crust | By YaansoonStandard Quiche crusts are so complicated to make… it’s such a major turn off. I don’t want to become a Quiche expert; I just want a quick way to make a lovely tart. So here is my version for making Quiche with corn flour and olive oil – instead of wheat flour and butter.

Ever read or watched a Martha Stewart episode on making Quiche? Almost every Quiche crust out there is so complicated to make. You need to go through so many steps before putting the Quiche dough into the fridge, and the crust into the oven (which actually has to be done not once, but twice). But what if you love Quiche and want to make it quickly and with no hassle?

One day I decided to find an alternative Quiche that didn’t require all the kneading, rolling, putting into the fridge, waiting, poking holes with a fork, weighing down the dough with beans, and placing the crust in the oven. Then… out it goes, and you add the topping, then back into the oven, then wait again!

I wanted something way simpler… and so one day I found a recipe using olive oil (instead of the standard butter) and a straight-forward number of steps. No waiting was involved. That was my kind of thing! I didn’t save the recipe using Pinterest, so I ended up losing the original maker’s link. I am so sorry for that. I kept the recipe in my non-virtual cookbook, on my desktop, you see.

So, I pulled out that recipe and figured I could change one thing or two.

{Culinary Experiments} Homemade Quiche with an alternative corn-flour crust | By YaansoonUnderstanding Quiche Basics

Before I start, I need to say this.

There is a little science behind the Quiche. It has to do with the way you “layer” the ingredients. You must always have something, like a barrier, between the crust & the milk-egg mixture. This barrier can be any kind of grated cheese. If you decide to add a layer of stuffing, then the stuffing needs to go on top of the cheese. The last layer is the milk-egg mixture. Of course, there are Quiche recipes that use milk-cream-egg, but I opted for a lighter milk-egg version.

In this recipe I ventured out of the Quiche rule by letting go of the cheese, although according to many sources, this is a serious breech of Quiche etiquette. The reason is that cheese acts as a barrier that prevents the crust from getting soggy. I guess the fact I used not-so-refined corn flour helped in preventing the sogginess.

Another Quiche basic is the cream. You can use double cream, a mixture of milk and cream, and only milk. This needs to be beaten together with a few eggs. Now, you can add all sorts of herbs to this mixture, depending on your personal preference.

One last thing about the Quiche, is the stuffing. You can’t use raw veggies, they have to be sautéed, and the cool thing is that the ingredients are up to you; you can cook anything to your liking. But if you are using spinach, you need to discard of the water to prevent the sogginess of the crust.

{Culinary Experiments} Homemade Quiche with an alternative corn-flour crust | By YaansoonIngredients

Here’s what you need to make an alternative homemade Quiche:


  • Corn flour (1 cup)
  • Salt (1/2 tsp)
  • Olive oil (1/4 cup)
  • Ice-cold water (1/4 cup)… or you can use really cold water from the fridge


  • Olive oil (1-2 tbsp)
  • Garlic (1 bulb, diced)
  • Mushrooms (as much as you like, diced)
  • Broccoli (diced)
  • Salt (a pinch)
  • Ground black pepper


  • Eggs (2-3)
  • Milk (1 cup)
  • Baking Soda (1/2 tsp)
  • Herbs (a small dash of dried Oregano & Rosemary, fresh Parsley leaves)
  • Salt (a pinch)
  • Ground black pepper

Quiche How-to


In a big bowl, add a pinch of salt to the corn flour and mix.

In a separate bowl, add olive oil to ice-cold water, use a whisk to blend well and create a frothy vinaigrette-like liquid. Add liquid to corn flour and mix with hand until all corn flour looks oily. If you knead you will get a fragile dough.


In a saucepan, add garlic and sauté. Add the rest of the ingredients and sauté, then add the pinch of salt and black pepper. Set aside.


In a bowl, crack the eggs, blend. Add the milk, blend with a fork until well combined and a bit frothy. Add salt, Baking Soda, herbs, black pepper, blend.

{Culinary Experiments} Homemade Quiche with an alternative corn-flour crust | By YaansoonQuiche Layering

In a heat proof oven tray, spread a little oil on all sides and bottom. Drop the corn flour in equal quantities across the tray and press down with your fingers to create a semi-solid crust, bring a fork and poke holes in the different places carefully, without scattering around the flour. Otherwise press the flour back again with your fingers.

Spread the sautéed veggies on top of the dough. Then, pour the “cream” mixture in equal parts to fill up the tray.

Pop the tray into a medium-heat oven for about 15-20 minutes. You can check out the crust by cutting a small piece and tasting it. The “cream” mixture should be hard.

Serve with salad on the side, and…

Buon Appetito




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