{My Diary} The power of the hobby

Yaansoon-The-power-of-the-hobby c

One of the things I learned from my older brother is that any professional needs to have a hobby. If you’re a pilot, you need a hobby on the side. If you’re a writer, you need a hobby. If you’re a hobby adviser {if there is such a thing}, you still need a hobby. Hobbies balance out life, and they have the power to distract us from daily tensions {and extreme situations, like war}, while immersing us in “The Zone,” a secret place that lies within us, rich with the elixir of wellness & life.

I have always had a huge problem in my life. Whenever I am at work, I seem to be deliberately working myself to death. It’s true. I deplete every cell from its energy, I dry all my resources out, and my brains go buzz-buzz-buzzing with ideas, plans, and thoughts, that I eventually start losing my peace when I go to sleep, which ultimately snowballs into insomnia.

The problem lies within the culture I come from.

Where I come from hobbies are for “housewives”!

They are looked down upon, and you seldom find someone in middle management {or anywhere really) who goes out jogging, or to play tennis, or build a mini train.

Everybody is buried in work, and this buries them in turn in unhappiness.

When I go surfing around the net, and throughout my non-virtual, offline travels, I see how doctors, professors, managers, shopkeepers, and people from all walks of life, seem to owe themselves a decent holiday where they go hiking and trekking, or diving and climbing. In their weekends, they go biking or sightseeing, or even volunteering to plant trees, and paint school walls.

We don’t have that.

We’re all restaurant and coffee-shop goers.

We remove ourselves from the confines of our office cement walls, into another cement-walled venue. This way our brains keep on reeling with the work we have done, the clients who have enraged us, and the deadlines that have stressed us out. The fact we don’t have a hobby to distract ourselves with means we’re almost always unbalanced.

The power of the hobby: The best distraction from war

My hobby, of making handmade accessories and jewelry, saved me from the stresses of a war. For a while, I lived in a country where bombings and shelling were everyday songs. We used to lose sleep if the night was peaceful and quiet, in anticipation of the next explosion that would shatter through the air.

I have been a hobbyist for almost two years now, and it has become my go-to place whenever I feel out of balance. The other day I felt super uneasy because of the negative energy emanating from one of my dear relatives, a pessimist of the first order. I didn’t need to go to a psychologist to vent my frustrations; they cleared on their own after I made a couple of rope-long necklaces, using beads and wire.

A hobby keeps you looking for inspiration, and above all, for beauty! And beauty can beat all kinds of negative energy that people seem to swim in these days. A hobby takes you to “The Zone” that athletes often talk about when they go exercising. Cooks who love culinary discoveries walk right into “The Zone” when they are lovingly cooking up something in their kitchens… so do hobbyists of gardening, decorating, and painting.

So, my little advice to you is…

Fortify yourself with a bit of hobby, to regain your life, to start a new page, perhaps, and to build a garden of beauty around your soul and around your mind.

Photo caption: Handmade copper-plated pins and broaches with beads ~ Handmade by Yaansoon



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