{Color Inspiration} Lavenders, blues, & a touch of pink

{Color Inspiration} Lavenders, blues & pinks | Faves by Yaansoon

What can be more soothing than a room with a lavender color scheme? Looking at some of the photos I pinned on Pinterest recently, I began to realize a number of these photos came from the same palette, so I decided to put them all together in one post for some calming color inspiration.

bloomingville autumn/winter 2012 via signepling.comLavender is probably one of the most interesting examples where we find a herb that is soothing in manner of herbal qualities and color vibe. Equally interesting is the aroma of the lavender plant and its soothing effects.

Pinks, lavendersMixing together purples, shades of lavender, blues, and pastel pinks, has the most harmonizing effect – with an underlying warmth that probably emanates from the pinks and the purples. These pictures, above, are a beautiful example where we can find this interesting palette in home decor schemes, handmade toy-making, and quirky illustrations.

Although this palette is supposedly cool (because of the blues), yet I find it to be the perfect color scheme for a winter-to-spring room. Since the hues are deep and remotely bright, such colors work well around a place that requires a balance between creativity & cuddliness. The living room is one great place that can serve as a multi-activity center promoting both the creative imagination, while providing us with a warm-ish atmosphere that reminds us of the effects of a cup of hot chocolate on a windy night.


It all depends on the shade, really. If you lessen the “black” undertone in any of the colors here you will certainly start to look at a pop of color. I think the black undertone is what is actually giving the mix above its warmth and its wintery allure.

I love lavenders and blues with a touch of pink. What’s your favorite color combo?

1st Image Photo credits: Purple House | Pillow | Pink-ish Porch | Linen Threads | Handmade Miniature Sculpture from Patty Dear | Handmade Fabric Mushrooms by Etsy’s Mister Finch | Quirky Deer Illustration



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