{Handmade Designer-Makers} Printing by Hand & Stamping

I’m a big fan of stamps, and in this post I would like to share with you all some of the best pins I have collected on Pinterest.

Source: ishtarolivera.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest
Printing by hand… what a lovely phrase; it reminds us that beautiful things are often handmade. The picture above belongs to hand-maker, Ishtar Olivera, whose blog is a real gem. Carving a stamp into a flower-shaped imprint is a lovely addition to the side corner of a napkin.
ishtarolivera stampSource: ishtarolivera.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

The same artist, Olivera, created the stamp above, which reminds me of Scandinavian folk art, with its botanical and bird motifs. Love how the circle engulfs the little piece of jungle Olivera has masterfully carved into this stamp.

Source: smartsandcrafts.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Yellow Owl Workshop is another place where you can find Carve-A-Stamp Kits and much more. The stamps above are by one of the co-founders of this lovely project, as far as this website tells us. The imprints made by the stamps are vintage-like and remind us of postal stamps and retro and nostalgic labels!

i am the labSource: mapleandbelmont.com  via Yaansoon on Pinterest

From complicated shapes, to simpler ones with this lovely mini-hearts stamp (above), perfect for adding a little touch of fun to your packaging tags. The lovely thing about printing by hand is that the effect of stamping almost turns any stamped shape into an art piece!

5e814b148c34528e45769f213198bbb7Source: stampcouture’s Etsy shop  via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Shapes of everyday things become very special works of art when stamped; bicycles, typewriters, and even pens, become somewhat very artistic once stamped on paper. Maybe it’s this thin film of ink, rugged and rustic in a way, that really gives stamps their glorious shape!

I hope you enjoyed today’s inspiration, hope to see you soon!




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