{Souk JARA} A place to spend Summer 2013 in Amman

Souk JARA summer 2013Hello – I have some news for you! Both locals, and tourists planning to visit Amman this summer, will be able to enjoy Souk JARA 2013 – Jordan’s annual street market – starting May 17. Located on the lovely Rainbow Street, this beautiful event is going to be in its 9th edition this year and is expected to showcase some new ideas and activities.

Souk JARA started eight years ago. It is closely connected to many personal memories, and I can’t imagine Jebal Amman without thinking of Souk JARA first. This annual street market has evolved in several ways, bringing to Amman a new flavor that celebrates all things handmade, indie designed, and creative.

Photo of the Rainbow Street, originally taken by blog titled, Bibs, Babs, Bobs in AmmanThis will be my first time at Souk JARA in 4 years. You can imagine how excited I am to rediscover this aspect of Amman! Yes, I wanted to book myself a table at the event, but since I am only fresh in town, I decided I was still unready for a big event such as this. Yaansoon is still in incubation, as far as my gut feeling tells me, and I am willing to wait another year to put my handmade objects out on the market.

Photo of Souk Jara 2010, originally taken by blog titled, Bibs, Babs, Bobs in AmmanI remember going to Beirut many years ago on a training course with Reuters. In our free time we visited the Flea Market in the heart of the city, down Nejmeh Square, near The Solidaire. Souk JARA has a similar vibe and showcases some really interesting handmade and vintage stuff.

So, May 17 is when it all will start again this year, and I can’t wait to meet all the new and old artisans who will be featured during Souk JARA.

Image credits: Photos in this post are re-published from blog titled, Bibs, Babs, Bobs in Amman. The photos were taken in 2010, which marked the 7th edition of Souk JARA.




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