{Floral & Botanical} Flower Power… in Pink

I have been in a floral mood for a few days now. It all started with a pair of faux flower earrings I saw at Accessorize the other day. Florals have always been my most favorite style, and it doesn’t matter to me whether they are in or out, they always make me happy.

On my Pinterest, I added a board for florals of every kind. Some are real flower bouquets, others are for home decor and style inspiration.

Floral Delights

A delightful floral accessory by Accessorize, the British brand now accentuating floral fashion in its 2013 spring/summer collection.

A few sprigs and flowers can create a cute garland!

Floral Delights

A bouquet wrapped in burlap or hard linen is so pretty to look at.

When real flower cut-outs are mixed with handmade paper flowers expect a nice outcome, like the one above.

Photo Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Click on the pic to go to the source.



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