{Souk JARA} Awesome opening, handmade trinkets, great ambiance

Souk JARA summer 2013 bToday was the lovely opening of Souk JARA 2013, in its 9th edition. My husband & I had the pleasure of visiting the Souk early in the morning and we took some pics of this marketplace buzzing with handmade trinkets, art, and homemade food.

Souk JARA ~ Captured by Yaansoon ~ Handcrafted Personal Objects ~ HandmadeNice ambiance, beautiful things, and friendly vendors & artisans… that’s Souk JARA in a nutshell! Today (May 17, 2013) marked the official opening of Souk JARA. We had breakfast there and it was yummy!

Souk JARA 2013, Art StreetSouk JARA is, for the first time, dedicating what used to be the food quarters, as the Art Street. There you can see paintings by university students, artists, and amateurs. Right on the same Street, there is the Wadi Feynan art gallery, displaying colorful artwork that is worth the visit.

Handmade jewelry at Souk JARA 2013 ~ The opening on May 17, 2013 ~ Captured by Yaansoon ~ Handcrafted Personal ObjectsWe enjoyed looking at and buying little handmade things that had a traditional twist at times, and at others were simply too cute to let go of!

handmade in AmmanEarly morning was perfect, good weather, and friendly faces welcoming the first day of Souk JARA.

Souk JARA, Amman, JordanHere (above) is the entrance of the Art Street.

Vintage, antiques at Souk JARA 2013Had to take a photo of this table, specifically for the VW vintage miniatures!

Souk JARA 2013, AmmanVery happy to see Souk JARA in 4 years! It has matured and changed in many ways. Loved the experience and so looking forward to another visit next Friday!

Handamde in JordanSouk JARA will open every Friday, same location, for the duration of Summer.

Souk JARA 2013 poster



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