{DIY} How to turn a wooden spoon into a wall hook

{DIY} How to turn a wooden spoon into a wall hookYou can turn a wooden spoon into the loveliest gift, all you need to do is alter a spoon or a spatula into a wall hook, by adding a few very simple elements.

I bought these spoons a while ago from the dollar store, and I have been thinking of ways to alter them. Today I decided to turn one of them (not in the pic) into a wall hanger.

{DIY} How to turn a wooden spoon into a wall hookI needed a few simple things to work with:

  • To paint the handle: White acrylic color (as base) + Light pink acrylic color + brush and some water
  • To hang the spoon: Wire, pink beads, pliers.
  • To embellish the handle: Sequin (pearly white) – I actually added the sequins after taking these photos :P
  • A hook to work into the wood. To guise the hook I used wire and white pearly beads
  • I decoupaged an old glass slide with some old book-page paper. Once dry, I attached it with E6000 to the spoon.

You can do all sorts of things and come up with the “look” of your desire. This is a vintage shabby chic look, but you can also go for a more boyish look, or something more suited for the kitchen, with bolder colors.



12 thoughts on “{DIY} How to turn a wooden spoon into a wall hook

  1. This was a wonderful how-to yaansoon. The spoon idea is so unique, and to transform it from just a simple wooden utensil to a beautiful wall fixture was a stroke of genius! I look forward to seeing more of your projects.



    1. Oh, thanks a million Jon :) very humbling words you just shared! happy you liked the tutorial. I learnt a great deal from Scandinavian bloggers and artists who know how to add a few simple touches to something ordinary, so it becomes something beautiful and artistic… I think it is their genius input into the world


        1. haha :) One of my dreams is to visit Scandinavian countries, the closest I’ve been is Holland. I have been to Scandinavian blogs (virtual tourism) only, and they stand out from the rest for their sense of aesthetic.
          An initial infatuation with IKEA is what led me to love Scandinavia. In real life, I’ve been to 21 countries, spanning the Middle East & North Africa, Asia, and Europe. What about you, seems you’ve been to Paris lately?


          1. So you sort of got a little whiff of it! Are you planning on visiting sometime soon? I’ve heard a lot of great things about Scandinavia, aesthetics being a primary one.
            Wow so you’ve been essentially everywhere EXCEPT for Scandinavia haha. I aspire to be as traveled as you sound one day.
            I have actually not been to Paris, I only write based on little fantasies I play out in my head. The closest I have been is Great Britain, and having a French co-worker!



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