{DIY} My 1st SMASH book experience… and Tips!

A begiiner's guide to journaling and scrapbookingMy husband finally took the SMASHIN’ plunge and bought me my first-ever adult journal, and yes, it’s a SMASH journal, from K&Company. Today was my first attempt at “journaling” the professional” way. I’ve had self-made journals before but non measure up to the SMASH experience.

I have Precocious Paper blog to thank for what I think is a pretty successful first attempt at scrapbooking/journaling. This pretty blog made me realize a few things about creating a beautiful journal page.


Start with an idea or a theme in mind:

I looked around and found many resources to fit into my theme. The minute I identified my “story angle” I was able to see the hidden link between so many business cards, and brochure and magazine articles, that I kept around for the purpose of scrapbooking. Before identifying the theme, I couldn’t see any link between these publications, postcards, and old book-pages. But now, as if an invisible thread wove through all of them to make my journal page come together.

SMASH book | Yaansoon | DIY | detailColor-coordinate the journal page items:

This I learnt from the lovely Precocious Paper blog. It is much easier to bring together items and scrap-paper pieces that “speak” to each other, than trying to collage a bunch of unrelated embellishments, color-wise!

SMASH book | Yaansoon | DIY

Don’t be afraid to embellish:

Pom-poms, sequin, beads, and all sorts of embellishment, add dimension to your page. You can DIY your own 3D additions; such as the mini-notebook I made for my SMASH page.

SMASH journal page | By Precocious Paper
SMASH journal page | By Precocious Paper


Detail and color-coordination are the two things I learnt from Precocious Paper. I made a list of things I can use on my journal by looking at these photos and this helped me build my SMASH page.http://www.smashstoriesblog.com/Possible details include: Pom-pom trim, sequin, doilies, stickers, envelopes, tags, pins, washi-tape, stamps, old playing cards, crochet doilies, punched paper, glycine paper, old book pages, buttons, fabric flowers,  etc…

http://www.smashstoriesblog.com/Composition is another thing I learnt to consider when constructing the journal page. You need to create a certain flow and balance. This is really not easy to do, it requires some basic design abilities that need to be honed over a long period of time (if you are self-learning). But the sense of gratification is unparalleled when you make something that makes you feel nice inside!

http://www.smashstoriesblog.com/Thank for you stopping by and I hope this post inspired you to try out the art of journaling. Take care :-}


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