{Featured} Yaansoon’s Look Book on Moonfruit’s blog

Moonfruit DIY website, Yaansoon Yaansoon’s Look Book was very recently featured on Moonfruit’s blog. I opened my inbox a few hours ago to a nice surprise; my jewelry was part of the Moonfruit newsletter I receive every once in a while. My immediate reaction? “Who? Me?” :)

Yaansoon - Handcrafted Copper Broach Collection | Handmade pins and broaches | Copper-plated wire jewelry with beads

I discovered Moonfruit around a year ago. I wanted a DIY website builder to help me start my new indie brand, Yaansoon. Back then I didn’t know there were so many DIY websites out there! I am glad I chose to be with Moonfruit, you can tell these folks are decent, and above all, lovely!

Yaansoon on Moonfruit blog via email newsletter-Moonfruit offers a basket of websites starting from the free option up to a premium one. You get to be part of a fab community, and the recipient of a newsletter, that carried content that can also be found on their Facebook page. Tips to revamp your business, re-design your website, and many awards and incentives are offered on Moonfruit on the different social media platforms. They’re also on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram!

To go to Moonfruit’s article about lookbooks as a fab way to publicize your work, click here

Yaansoon Featured on Moonfruit Blog2---

I created my first Look Book covering winter 2012 late 2012, and I have been meaning to create a newer update, which I hope will be available soon, featuring some exciting new trinkets by Yaansoon. To go to my Look Book, you can click here

handmade, handcrafts, indie, brand, Amman, crafts, jewelry, handmade jewellery, wire jewelryThat’s it for now! Have a lovely day all!


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