{Indie Business} A little bit about creating a handmade brand independently

Love What You Do - Quirky Animal & Coin Pushpins | By: Yaansoon | Handcrafted Personal Objects

Lessons I learnt from launching a handcrafts project, and how sometimes everything is linked together in a “stream of consciousness” kind of way!

I like to think of Yaansoon as much more than just a few scattered trinkets. There is a story-line behind the evolution of this indie & handcrafts house of objects. Every step of the way, Yaansoon’s identity, handmade products, and website, were planned, created, and honed over a series of nights and days, like a narrative. A webpage design sometimes ended up inspiring a handmade item, or a stamped package made it possible to further define Yaansoon’s direction, like a beautiful stream of consciousness… without the Virginia Woolf!

All aspects of creating Yaansoon happened simultaneously. Choosing a name, and defining what objects I wanted to make happened almost in the same brainstorming session. Coming up with a logo and creating a website, were also a twin-act that inspired each other. Developing the blog actually helped shape the website.

I don’t have a major in Design, nor am I a branding specialist, but I have learnt a lot from all the self-made blogs out there, made by people who loved what they did.

From endless journeys on other blogs and via Pinterest I learnt the following:

  • You need to have a color palette… not strictly, though, since I don’t go measure the color swatches, or have colour libraries to remind me of the palette, but I can very much tell that orange, for instance, doesn’t have much place in Yaansoon’s color combo.
  • You need to have something that visually binds the different social-media platforms, a motif of some sort, or at least the logo.
  • You need to have a packaging character that matches your online branding and the spirit of your logo: In Yaansoon’s case the botanical motif and the logo (resembling leaves from the Aniseed plant) somewhat dictated the fact that I can’t use much bling in the packaging, which ultimately dictated the kind of paper I could use, and the simple look of the packaging, as well as the fact some recycling (environmental friendliness) is involved.
  • You need to have a story, a story you know well about how and why you are creating what you are creating: There is a botanical story-line behind the objects, the tags, the packaging, and the display props handmade specifically to showcase Yaansoon’s objects. There is also an appreciation for found objects, recycled materials, and references to botanical expressions of nature.

In spirit & form, Yaansoon is the result of lessons learnt at many craft-shows, personal choices in life, travels made far and wide, stories remembered, and an ever-evolving interest in beautiful objects that mean something to all of us; whether they are personal things, home baubles, or office trinkets.

There is always something new here, a collection of things that captured our imagination, or a limited edition of objects that are eclectic and curious…


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