{Show & Tell} New Handmade Moon Brooch Pins from Clay

Organic Jewelry with copper pigment

This is the first time I try a new medium like clay to create a collection I named, “I’m Wearing The Moon.” A dab of copper pigment is added to the pins, while the backing is secured with a pin clasp, and that’s basically what I have been doing for the past couple of days… creating little moon brooches…

When I first worked with the clay and added a bit of random stamping, I felt a great connection with the shapes; it felt like I was molding a piece of the moon, and for some reason the final shape looked so much like a rocky moon!

Very interesting experience, I must say! I have a vintage wood blocking device that I used to make the engravings. It was quite exciting seeing me being liberated for the first time from the shackles of “technique.” I was just thinking of the moon, and not of how much pressure I’m applying or other technical matters, which I believe is a wonderful upgrade in my skill level, something I’m very grateful for. Organic Jewelry with copper pigmentBrooch fittings are attached to the back to make it easy to add these moon pins to a sweater or a shawl. I never thought I’ll create something like this, but I am happy with the results; it’s as if I’m yet to learn a new thing about where art can take us! I hope you enjoyed today’s little Show & Tell piece, take care!


5 thoughts on “{Show & Tell} New Handmade Moon Brooch Pins from Clay

  1. May I ask a questions? What kind of glue did you use to attach the pinbacks to the clay? Do you find that it holds on sturdily enough?


    1. Hi Carina – I used different kinds of commercially bought clay and found that each responds differently to different types of glue.
      Best results were achieved with super glue, and that’s with one kind of clay, not all.
      I think experimenting is the best way to go about it. For best results air-dry clay needs to be really dry before applying pinbacks. I hope this was useful!



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