{DIY Display} Handmade Jewelry display stand

Handmade trinkets & jewelry by YaansoonAn indie brick-and-mortar shop wants to showcase Yaansoon’s handmade jewelry and crafts, and so my husband and I came up with this DIY jewelry stand to help create a special corner for our products.

Handmade wire rings and brooches by YaansoonI would like to shed some light on how we came up with this DIY stand. Packaging was the main backbone that helped us with the design of the display. Yaansoon’s packaging is pretty plain and organic, it has a calm earth-y tone, no busy patterns or colors, and definitely no plastic is involved.

Handmade trinkets & jewelry by Yaansoon

So the first thing my husband and I thought of is that we needed to keep these elements:

  • an organic feel
  • earth-y hues

So wood came to mind, chalkboard, and yellow brass hooks.

Handmade owls from feltI personally had to restrain myself from going loud, and I am happy I did, because the final display design makes a lot of sense in relation to the packaging. You will notice a bright felt owl in the picture (above); they blended nicely with the rest of the earth-colored, blue-boho jewelry all because of the packaging.

Handmade wire rings by YaansoonTo wrap up, today’s tip is to try and streamline the packaging with your display options to accentuate the character of your products.

Hope this was useful, and hope to see you again soon!



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