{Indie Business} Tips to boost your DIY website

Handmade jewelry websiteI am finally done with streamlining my website’s look and feel. After many experiments, I finally found the key answer to a good-looking DIY website: consistency. My website, yaansoon.moonfruit.com, is finally taking shape. And I think now I have the basics for developing it further.

The mistake I made in my first time around designing my DIY website on Moonfruit, was:

  1. using metaphoric language in the sections,
  2. and free-styling a bit when it came to the look and feel of each page.

New Yaansoon website | Handmade copper jewlery

Although it is cute using words like, “Objects” in the menu to refer to things I made by hand, I instantly could tell the difference when I used more accurate menu titles to refer to my handcrafted trinkets. I did keep the mystical wording, but I made more zoomed in references to the jewellery or objects I made. You still do find words like “Organic Wire,” but if you look at the picture you instantly get what I am talking about.

Boho jewelery, blue seed beads, handmade oriental jewelleryI did end up referring to my blue seed-bead collection as “Oriental Beads” in the menu, but when you actually enter the page you will find I also called the collection “Oriental Blues.” Felts owls where all put together under the obvious Felt menu section.

Handmade jewelryI also added a news section on the front page, which you can find when you scroll down. I used it to announce events like Souk JARA, an annual all-summer-long open market located in Amman.

Yaansoon | Handcrafted Personal ObjectsBut the most important step was to streamline all pages; they all received the same fonts, spacing, and photo locations on the page. All pages received the same treatment, e including the About page, and the Contact us page.

Before I leave you, here is a pic of the first DIY design on Yaansoon’s website.

handmade, handcrafts, trinkets, objects, wire jewelry, wire jewellery, indie brand, Amman, Jordan, DIY, crafts, Moonfruit websiteand here is how it looks now. Notice how the logo has now been added to the current website version, versus a generic font in previous DIY design attempts.

Handmade jewelry website, boho-chic. bohemianI hope you enjoyed this tour, looking forward to writing some more about how Yaansoon is being developed via various DIY platforms,

Take care for now!

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