{My Diary} Women are the future of the world

women and peace - Yaansoon-cI just finished working on a documentary-style video shoot, and the heroines of the documentary are all matriarchs who were able to keep their families safe regardless of adversity. I have come to realize during the course of the past few days, that women are actually the future of the world.

In times of conflict, men are usually very busy killing each other. Although there are men who want peace when their country is hurled into a civil war, a majority of males often engage in counter-peace actions that jeopardize women and children. When you meet women from the same conflict zone and talk to them about the future, you will often find women who care about keeping their family safe, finding peace, and doing everything in their power to safeguard their offspring from the effects of conflict.

The women I met the past few days have no business with fueling more conflict in their country. They couldn’t care less about who was right and who was wrong; all of them cut through all the layers of politics, prejudice, and hatred, and looked for peaceful, workable, and life-focused solutions for their current situation. They did not care about who won the war in their war-torn country, and they did not have a revenge-mentality where they wanted to get back at those who destroyed their homes. No. They looked far beyond the conflict into a future where they could go back to a home, a garden, a family, and a place of safety, dignity, and hope.

That is why the world needs to empower women, house-wives included, in a way that does not drag them out of their homes into the realms of corporate power or the assumption of CEO posts in big organizations. It is time for us to shed all the feminist-lib lingo and look at grass-root empowerment that safeguards the lifestyle of women, their wish to continue being mothers, caretakers, and matriarchs of families that really need their vision and wisdom to continue living, harvesting, planting, making crafts, and bringing more beauty into the world.

Women are amazing creatures with the ability to become catalysts of peace, love, and hope… and by giving them the breather to influence men, and to bring them back to the values of mercy, love, and humanity, we will be able to create a better future for a world that seems to be falling apart for many around the world.




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