{Announcement} Official launch of Yaansoon at Amman’s Mlabbas

يانسون في ملبّس - شارع الرينبو، عمان، الأردنI have a big announcement to make… You can now get your favorite handcrafted objects from Yaansoon at Mlabbas, a wonderful indie shop located, just round the corner from Yaansoon’s atelier, in Rainbow Street!

Get your hands on one of Yaansoon’s handcrafted personal objects, jewelry, trinkets, and handmade baubles – starting today (Wednesday – Nov 27, 2013)!

We’re finally releasing Yaansoon’s jewelry and office & home accessories at Mlabbas {www.mlabbas.com}, a homegrown indie shop located at the Rainbow Street, Jebal Amman, Jordan.

Mlabbas ShopMlabbas is a wonderful space that sells & makes locally-designed T-shirts, canvas bags, mugs, stickers, handmade products, as well as vintage and experimental arts and objects.

Handmade trinkets & jewelry by YaansoonWe just came back from Mlabbas, after saying hello to the lovely staff there, and after having a friendly chat with CEO Imad Shawwa, who really made us feel welcome & very much excited that we’re featuring Yaansoon at such a creative and happening place.

UPDATE: Click here to see what Mlabbas has posted on their Facebook page about the Yaansoon launch: “The unique handmade and organic Yaansoon collection is now available at the Mlabbas Rainbow Street store.”

Organic v.s. Oriental

مصنوعات يدوية من يانسون الآن في ملبّس - عمان الأردنA little bit about the two collections now on display: We open Yaansoon’s winter season with Mlabbas by introducing two main collections: Organic v.s. Oriental.

The first collection, Organic, consists of copper rings, and copper-plated brooches that come with a variety of beads, as well as earth-hued jewelry, handmade copper bookmarks, in addition to genuine-leather necklaces that come with gemstones, like amethyst.

The Oriental collection celebrates the color blue and introduces several items that come with handmade Turkish ceramic beads, re-interpreted in a way to add a touch of modernity to the traditional origins of these oddly-shaped globes.

Visit Mlabbas to buy Yaansoon, or virtually drop by their Facebbok page for a tour around their latest.


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