{Show & Tell} Hand-painted & hand-stamped fabrics

Yaansoon - Handpainted home textiles. Handmade in Jordan

We’re about to reveal a new batch of hand-painted fabric pouches and pillow cases here at Yaansoon, this indie Handmade brand.Very excited about this, especially that fabric is my favorite medium to work with!

Hand-painting and stamping are real fun. There is a difference, of course, between stamping (which is more focused on pattern-making) and free-hand painting. I prefer the latter.

Yaansoon - Handpainted home textiles, pillow cases and pouches. Handmade in Jordan

In these pictures you can see a sample of hand-painted and hand-stamped fabrics. I like to use stamping to compliment my freehand work. I’m not much of a geometry-loving artist, and I’m not so good with pattern. It’s interesting how artists have different tastes and feel comfortable with different materials and mediums. This is why there is so much diversity and variety in the world!

These are my thoughts for today. Don’t forget to pop by Mlabbas to see the current collection of copper jewelry, felt key-rings, and fabulous fabric pouches!



2 thoughts on “{Show & Tell} Hand-painted & hand-stamped fabrics

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Yours is wonderful, everything you make has such a lovely organic feel to it. I am especially fond of these textiles though :)


    1. Thanks dear – so happy you liked my handmade work… those textiles are being turned into different cute little things, will post about them soon hopefully! Lovely seeing you here :)



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