{Show & Tell} Handmade pebbles necklace

Pebbles Necklace by YaansoonWe’re still on the “Recycling Nature” theme, and it has taken us to wire-wrapping 3 pebbles and turning them into a wearable necklace.

I love pebbles so much! They are such imaginative little objects of nature; somehow they have managed to find a role for themselves beyond being a member of the gravel.

Yaansoon - at The Farmers' Market Jordan | Recycling old book pages into artSee the first picture above and in this post? That’s an old folk recreational mathematics boardgame, called Mankala or Mankaleh in certain parts of the Levant, however it seems to be known to more than one culture, as evident in this post. In Africa, Mankala is known as Oware.

We use Mankala as a jewelry display stand. Funny enough, people who pass by our table at craft fairs always end up striking up a conversation about it. Mankala is known to the elderly over here, especially in the city of Salt, and so if a grandmother is strolling by our table with her daughter and grandchildren, that’s when a nice conversation happens!

Before leaving you, here is reminder to take a look at our “Recycle & Upcycle” work, here.

Thank you for stopping by!


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