3 Things I Learned from Launching My Handmade Business

Yaansoon :: Global Chic | Handmade. Minimalist. BohoI’ve always disagreed with people who advised me to concentrate on one skill only and to make it my life’s obsession and career. Turns out I was right! Developing a set of skills that are seemingly unrelated to each other is proving to be paying off at this point in my personal development as a designer-maker and craft entrepreneur.

Starting my own handmade business with my husband has required me to bring to the table more than one set of skills. I feel that I’ve finally found a good use for my love for photography, design, blogging, copy-writing, creating new things by hand, conceptualizing, branding, and PR.

I think the thing I used to be frequently criticized for (by main-stream adults) was leading a double-hat career… where I worked as a journalist-turned-PR dudette, while at the same time performing as an artist and singer-songwriter. I led a schizophrenic life of sorts; people who knew me as a PR person could not imagine me as a musician, and the other way around. I had two personas, and it was very interesting seeing how one could lead a life of multiple identities and to be perceived in different ways.

The good news is, now, I feel that I’ve been made “whole” again with my handmade endeavor. To say the least, it is allowing me to make use of the core lessons I have learned and accumulated from past experiences and careers.

Handmade Tribal-Print Kitchen Oven Mitt | FREE-Shipping | Tribal Kitchen Textiles | Cotton BBQ Mitten | Gifts for Her | By YAANSOON

There are numerous things I’ve gained from my handmade journey, but the main 3 lessons I learned from starting my own handmade and crafts business are:

  • A handmade business is a process and a journey that never ends.

Starting a handmade project requires so much patience and I believe the art of creating with your hands (while doing your own photography, copy and marketing) shapes your personality in ways you never even started to imagine. You need to move from theory to practice to really reap the benefits of making things by hand, and creating everything that is related to it (from conceptualizing, to taking care of social media, etc).

  • Challenges are lessons that are waiting to be learned.

You are always changing and getting better and better at what you do. An example of this is my photography, I spent years producing terrible photos, but now I feel I am more developed than ever in this aspect of my work. I still face challenging “light” issues, but I am much better at resolving problems than ever before. I have read countless tutorials on producing good photography, styling, and contrast, and I can see how this is starting to pay off!

  • It’s OK to make mistakes, and with a change of perspective, you’ll see they are more of ‘milestones’ than actual mistakes.

Coming from a family of perfectionists, I have always been too hard on myself. But my handmade business has taught me to look at mistakes as a natural part of the process. There are products, photos, posts, and even indie self-made videos that I have created that used to make me feel embarrassed. But today I feel that there is no need to feel embarrassed by the process of growth. What looked good to me 2 years ago might not look as wonderful today, and the reason is: I have grown into who I am today. This means that mistakes are not mistakes at all. They are milestones in your journey, and when you look back and dislike what you did, that’s reason enough to feel grateful and happy with where you are today, because it’s a sure sign that you have moved forward.

This last lesson reminds me of point No. 4 in this Inc.com article: “Practice self-compassion.”

Handmade Tribal-Print Kitchen Tea Towel | FREE-Shipping | Tribal Kitchen Textiles | Hand-Printed Tea Towel | Gifts for Her | By YAANSOONThis being said, my husband and I have been revisiting all of our previous work and making numerous edits to everything from blog posts, photos, handmade goods, and even social media products. We have reached a new milestone in our skill levels and are trying to reflect that by editing everything about Yaansoon, in hopes of bringing to light our new sense of aesthetic, lifestyle choices, and personal philosophy.


I came across this article by decor8, a wonderful blog I have been following for years. The post poses the question “Blog Trends: Should You Redesign + Rebrand Your Blog?”

The post asks if you’ve ever “wanted to totally change your blog, right down to the name?” For me, the answer is yes. I have even pondered changing the logo design of Yaansoon, as well, but after consulting with my aunt, who is a professor of fine arts, I took her advice against re-designing the logo. What I’m doing instead is re-brand without making any new changes to the logo. I guess you can call it partial rebranding. I hope I will write another post about this sometime in the near future!

I would love to hear your thoughts about the decision to make changes to your handmade business/blog to match your new aspirations! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below…


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4 thoughts on “3 Things I Learned from Launching My Handmade Business

  1. I absolutely LOVE your style. It’s so great to hear that I am not alone in having many passions! Why does society seem to view people like us so suspiciously?? I feel as though it’s so fulfilling and gratifying to have lots of projects on the go! I also enjoy learning new things, and I think this plays into it a lot. I just wanna try my hand at a bit of everything which is why I think blogging is such a great outlet for all of my experimental ventures :)


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words :) And I must say I’m truly happy I discovered your blog; very fresh and inspiring. I’m planning to try my hand at some of the tutorials you posted!
      This seems to be a universal issue – I think most people are always looking to “define” others; they go by the logic: “the less interests and talents you have the better” so as to make it easier for them to put labels on you. I think we are all much more than what appears on the surface; it is absolutely impossible to put anyone inside a box…


      1. Thank you!! Im still in the early stages of curating my blog, but im finding it so much fun learning about styling, photoshop, photography, crafts and just generally learning more about myself through writing. If you do try some of the tutorials, be sure to post a picture of some sort, id love to see it! And i know what you mean, i always struggle a little bit with defining what i do, because people expect you to only give one answer! I can also relate to feeling like you’re living a double life. Im currently working in retail as well as at an art gallery, helping out as an events manager at an awesome art and live performance venue and writing a blog. Although, I do feel as though having a varied amount of interests is SUCH an advantage if you are a creative entrepreneur. More and more of us are seeking to live lifestyles that arent controlled and dictated to us by mainstream society and once the rest of the world notices, im sure they’ll all be itching to jump onto the bandwagon!


        1. I will make sure to post a picture once I tried one of your tutorials. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about the “Gold Gilded Marbled Ring Dishes” project (http://wisteriainterior.com/2015/04/24/gold-gilded-marbled-ring-dishes/), and I would really like to try it out.
          I absolutely agree with you, and I do hope that the world will eventually be more open to new choices and a new way of thinking (and living). It’s very liberating to invest one’s energy in different directions, as it always ties back together in the end. For instance, I had the experience of creating technical riders for my music performances, and I think this is exactly why I was able to create better pitches in my PR line of work (because of the amount of detail and precision). Being open to new ideas, helped me think outside the box when I was wearing a different hat.
          And as you said, having varied interests is extremely enriching – and to be honest I believe, existentially-speaking, this is the sole reason for being on earth (to experience and enjoy this vast creation) :)



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