{Recycle & Upcycle} 3 daily habits to save energy

Yaansoon - Earth DayYaansoon would like to wish you all a happy belated earth day. We’ve been so busy with the launch of our Etsy shop we sort of let this post slip through, but I guess it’s never too late to celebrate our love for the green planet. We know some folk like to remind us of the “gloomy future” of the planet on this day, but we would like to take a different approach to the whole earth-friendliness scenario.

Earth Day is a time to remember that little actions can make a great difference.

We are not purists here at Yaansoon when it comes to the environment (we are guilty of the odd plastic tupperware and the polyester-blend sweater), but since one of us is a former environmental reporter and the other is an organic-food enthusiast, we often make conscious choices to be kind to our planet, believing that every small action counts.

Our handcrafts, for instance, are all about using natural materials whenever we can. We apply recycling and upcycling techniques whenever appropriate, and always look at new ways to align our goods with Eco-friendly practices.

Earth Day 2015Here are the 3 small actions we take on a daily bases to save energy:

  • We recycle kitchen water used for cleaning veggies and fruits, for the sake of watering our plants.
  • We turn off the water tap when not in use; we don’t keep it running endlessly while brushing our teeth or picking up something from the shelf. Did you know you can save up to 8 gallons of water every day by turning the tap off while brushing your teeth?
  • Ever since we read Martha Stewart’s 10 Ways to Save Energy at Home,” we have been giving small appliances a break whenever they’re not in use – by unplugging them. We also unplug all our cell phone and mobile chargers when not in use.

Here is another quick article by BHG with 10 Easy Ways to Go Green.” We love the point about supporting local farmers. We are actually the happy sponsors of a local farmers market; we do all their branding for them and the design for all their posters, Facebook posts, and even their logo.

What small actions do you take to save energy? Please feel free to share in the comments section below…


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