Home & Fashion: A Look Book with ‘tribal minimalist’ & ‘boho’ inspirations

Yaansoon Look Book 2015-2016It’s finally here! Our 2015-2016 Look Book is a quick guide to our tribal, nomadic and boho handmade creations.

We embedded the new Look Book on our wesbite, but you can always check it out on ISSUU.

I tried to make it as straightforward as possible. I’m usually a ‘words and pictures’ kind of gal (as I’m a former magazine managing editor), but I decided to take a different approach to our new Look Book. Less words, more pics and straightforward captions.

It was really fun to make! It basically features some of our hand-printed tribal minimalist kitchen linens and handmade boho jewelry, currently on sale at our Etsy Shop.

Oh, and I also included a couple of photos of vintage kilims, as they are in deed a source of inspiration for us here at Yaanoosn.

In a previous post about Tribal and Nomadic Inspirations a couple of days ago, I speak about the motifs we add to our hand-printed linens and textiles, in relation to the loom-spun kilims and carpets created by Bedouin communities around West Asia and the Levant. Our jewelry collection, on the other hand, features both bohemian and eco influences.

Well, that’s it for now. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below… meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful and productive evening/day!

Yaansoon Etsy banner - minimalist boho handmade


3 thoughts on “Home & Fashion: A Look Book with ‘tribal minimalist’ & ‘boho’ inspirations

      1. Awwwwh thanks thats so nice to hear! I was literally pinning boho interiors on pinterest all day today and i saw your look book and it all fits in so seamlessly! I love that its minimal too, its so refreshing :) woo! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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