Fashion Inspiration of the Day: Burberry’s interpretation of tribal rugs

Fashion Inspiration of the Day: Burberry's interpretation of tribal rugs

I’ve always admired Burberry. Known for its famous check pattern, Burberry has taken a different approach to design in recent years, by incorporating different unexpected motifs and patterns within its designs. This Burberry tote, known as “The Bloomsbury,” is in hand-painted leather and rug (or more accurately, kilim). And it is the perfect example of Burberry’s new approach to fashion and design.

When I look at this amazing bag I remember our more minimalist approach to tribal motifs, here at Yaansoon (

We have re-interpreted tribal motifs from West Asia and different ethnic cultures across the board, and have applied them by hand to modern, eco-friendly, and handmade kitchen linens. Like Burberry, every oven mitt, apron, tea towel and potholder we make is a unique, one-off design.

This is the first in a series of posts bringing you “Fashion Inspiration of the Day.” Next time, we will highlight another luxury brand with a disposition towards the ethnic arts.



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