New Etsy Shop for Tribal-Inspired Handcrafts

Yaansoon Etsy Shop | Tribal Minimalist, Boho, Textiles, Linens and JewelryA new Etsy shop is promising to bring you a fresh take on tribal and nomadic inspiration, with a dash of bohemian love. That’s our shop, Yaansoon on Etsy.

I wanted to post this self-designed flier (above) the minute we opened the shop a while back, but I thought I’ll pace myself (hehe).

It’s a solo act between me and my husband. We do everything from creating the hand-printed kitchen linens, boho necklaces and rings, and Eco-friendly crafts and jewelry… to photography, design, social media posts, packaging, thinking, designing and writing.

Main new - moonfruit yaansoon - minimalist bohoOur Etsy shop is n both English and Italian. It has a collection of hand-printed aprons, tea towels, oven mitts, and potholders. We’re calling this collection the ‘Tribal Minimalist’ line.

We also have bohemian jewelry, such as this handmade necklace above. Here is the link to the necklace on Etsy.

Yaansoon Eco-friendly Jewelry - Boho Tree-Branch NecklaceEco-jewelry is also part of our work, such as these necklaces. And this is the link to the only tree-branch necklace that is available at Etsy for now. We have a few more to go.

We love Etsy. It’s such a friendly marketplace and it has such great sense of community with the sellers and the buyers. So, on your next trip to Etsy, don’t forget to drop by and visit us :)

Italiano | Fatto a Mano

Benvenuti Nel NOSTRO BLOG | Yaansoon | Global Chic | Fatto a Mano. Minimalista. BohoCreiamo gioielli bohémien unici usando pietre semipreziose e legno, fili di rame, e autentiche perline tribali. Facciamo anche biancheria da cucina estremamente stilizzata, come grembiuli, presine, guanti da forno e strofinacci, che portano singolari stampi tribali ispirati agli antichi Kilim tessuti a mano. Venite a trovarci!

yaansoon-copper-and-wooden-beads-necklace-2.jpgFatta artigianalmente dai due designers artigiani di Yaansoon, questa collana fonde le tecniche tradizionali del wire wrapping con lo stile contemporaneo. Questa collana portatrice di serenità e pace interiore è fatta con filo di rame, perline di legno, piccole perline di vetro e una perlina di ceramica artigianale blu. La perlina di ceramica grande quanto una nocciola (al centro) è fatta a mano da artigiani del Nord Africa e ha un significato particolare per chi la indossa.


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