When you do things from your soul…

Yaansoon _ When you do things from your soul I’ve been reflecting today on the joy of making handmade objects and designs, on your own, and with basic materials. Nothing beats that.

The state of mind (and being) when you make handcrafted items is completely different from writing a report, or coming up with a presentation. In my last job I was a director of PR and I often put together presentations to pitch new businesses and clients.

I remember thinking to myself one day that my presentations have become more ‘skilled’ after I took up crafting. My attention to detail jumped to a whole new level, and my ability to multi-task quadrupled.

It’s because working with one’s hands and creating something original requires searching deep within yourself for skills you didn’t know you had in you. That’s what happened with me and my husband. Ever since we started Yaansoon, we have been surprising ourselves with ideas and creations we never knew were part of our consciousness.

I think working with hands requires putting aside your ego and walking into ‘the zone.’

Athletes know what I’m talking about.

‘The zone’ is a selfless place where you forget about everything and concentrate on applying your best to the piece you are working on. It’s the ultimate form of devotion. It’s very much a form of worship – because you are not doing it to please people, nor to look good, nor to become famous… you perfect your craft because there is no other way but to pour your soul into it.

And while you are hand-printing those textiles or making those jewelry pieces, your soul can now express herself freely without the distracting whining of the ego. This is when joy is born!


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