Pinterest Picks: Blue and White





c5a44b3fe516f25e66008e35d6aa7f6fI love blue and white. A blue-and-white palette brings comfort and style that’s both calm, and collected. It’s also very romantic!

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to navy/indigo blues and various shades of white, called Decor | Indigo. There are a few mint decor pieces, but the majority of the pictures are in hues of the ocean.

I like to incorporate this lovely color palette in my work, such as the pieces below.

Yaansoon copper and wooden beads necklaceUnique Tribal Kitchen Potholder | FREE-Shipping | Hand-Printed, Kitchen Linens, Gifts for Her | Gray & Turquoise | By YAANSOON Yaansoon Handmade Kitchen Textiles_Tribal Potholder_ Turquoise & Gray_Etsy1bImage credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Tribal Tuareg Necklace by Yaansoon), 7 (Yaansoon), 8 (Tribal Kitchen Potholder by Yaansoon).



9 thoughts on “Pinterest Picks: Blue and White

        1. Hi again – here are the few pointers I promised :) It all starts with the template and the fonts you are using for your blog; the “Sela” template might be a bit corporate for a fashion blog, I would recommend another straightforward template, and to upgrade from there to a template that allows you to post larger pix once you feel your are ready for it. Here are some suggestions: the Sketch theme, or, the Twenty Eleven theme (usually templates come with an explanation of what features to use on the blog to customize the experience).
          Photos taken in natural day light look much better than those taken under a spotlight at night. The ones you have taken in your blog in natural day light are really nice, I would encourage more of those, and to keep all pix in large scale.
          Consistency with image sizes is key. It’s better to put smaller sized photos in a grid rather than on a line on their own. The more the post is neat and symmetrical the better.
          If you want to keep the current template, a good place to start is to tidy-up the widgets column on the right. The categories section can be relocated to the end of the column for instance. Maybe you would like to start with a nice photo of a fashion collage, or anything that represents your blog (an image widget), followed by a welcome note (text widget)?
          From experience blogging is a process…. You learn so much from trying different things (and changing your mind a lot, hehe). I still keep on changing things around, and learning new things in the process.
          Well, I hope this was useful – good luck with your blogging adventures :)

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          1. Thank you so much for your tips! I have a notebook especially for my blog and I wrote some of them down. As for the fashion collage, I attend fashion design courses and am currently figuring out what exactly should my collage include. I will definitely follow the tip about the welcome widget as well. Thank you for the tips again! Have a nice day :)

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