Dreaming of a drenched-in-blue Moroccan town

blue, morocco, travel, YaansoonI mentioned in a previous post that a great grandmother of mine was from Morocco. I dreamt of visiting this beautiful country for many years, until one day I did. I went to Casablanca as part of a music tour in North Africa. What I regret the most is not extending my visit to see this beautiful blue town, named Chefchaouen!

With summer comes my life-long craving for the color blue (check this post for blue and white inspirations from Pinterest). But nothing beats these photos of an old Moroccan town, nestling in infinite hues of the color blue north of Morocco.

Please see image credits at the end of the post.

blue-streets-of-chefchaouen-morocco-15I just found this post by boredpanda, and with it came a healthy dose of blue walls, blue doors, and blue visions of every sort. This is where I need to be this summer, to finally live the blue dream.

blue-streets-of-chefchaouen-morocco-11The color blue is such a soothing and calming color that reminds me of the sea, the sky, and nature’s abundant beauty. When the sky is blue, everything is alright. When an ocean is blue, it’s a sign of stability, prosperity, and a weather that promises great possibilities.

blue-streets-of-chefchaouen-morocco-10Morocco… it’s a piece of heaven on earth. The farthest places, the houses, the souks, and every nook and cranny of this North African country is a unique work of art. And it’s not any kind of art… it’s livable, every day art that you get to breathe, taste, and experience in infinite ways.

blue-streets-of-chefchaouen-morocco-9Image credits: 1 by Brian Hammonds, 2 by WordPress fellow blogger oneworldtwoexplorers.com, 3 by ‘unknown,’ 4 by Beum Photography, 5 by Cherry Bharati.


6 thoughts on “Dreaming of a drenched-in-blue Moroccan town

      1. You’re welcome! :) It’s really great that you’ve been to Berlin too! What was your favorite thing in the city and when did you last travel here? I can’t wait for the ice cream market this weekend and all the other fests in the coming weeks. You’re 100% right about the creative vibe, that’s for sure! You’re always welcome at COAG, hope you like what you see. :)


        1. I think my favorite thing about Berlin was the small fashion and vintage shops in Eastern Berlin.. and this little organic food place near the hostel I was staying in. I actually loved everything about it as I’ve only been once and that was a few years ago. I didn’t know there was an ice cream market, I’ll keep that in mind for next time hopefully :) and I loved your blog.. I noticed you also lived in Cairo. I played music there a couple of times – though not sure I like it as much as Berlin…



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