Three secrets to being happy

Three secrets to being happy - By Yaansoon | Rumi Love QuoteWe do a lot of things to make us happy. We create handcrafts, go out with friends, buy the latest fashionable fad, and probably spend hours on Pinterest… to be happy. But we also do a lot of other things that make us unhappy. Here are 3 secrets to happiness… and they are all about one thing; change.

Achieving happiness is why we were born in the first place. It’s exactly why we do what we do. It’s why we go out shopping, why we fall in love and make friends and go out to have a good time. But the thing is, sometimes we do all the things that are supposed to make us happy yet we continue to lead stressful lives – and when we take a closer look at how we feel, we often find we’re not truly happy. Well, that is because we are not being true to ourselves. Here’s what truly happy people have in common…

individuality, path, inspiration1. Happy people march to the beat of their own drum

Not being a conformist can get you through a lot of pain, especially in your teens, but as you grow older and after all the emotional turbulence that comes with adolescence has subsided, the rewards are unparalleled.

Happy people, who live life fully, do not conform. They’re always in tune with their own heart, and they often trust their own gut feelings above everything else. What they’re really good at is trusting their inner music!

Inspiration, individuality, Happiness2. Happy people know that happiness comes from within and not from material things

There is a huge difference between instant euphoria and happiness. The problem with some people is that they want to “feel” happy right this minute, and that might lead them to explore unhealthy ways to achieve that. But are they happy on the long run? Odds are, they’re not.

Happiness requires inner change, to shed all the barriers that stop us from achieving love or happiness, and I believe both are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes what we need to look at are immense feelings of envy or jealousy that we have allowed to fester in our hearts for such a long time. Maybe what’s stopping us from being happy is that we are busy criticizing other people and finding fault in them, or maybe we come with a feeling that we are someone’s victims and that life is not treating us right. Whatever is in there, we need to fix it before we allow happiness to really make it to our hearts.

This leads us to the next secret…

happiness3. Happy people have learned to stop comparing themselves to others

Status, a good job, a high salary, and prestige have nothing to do with happiness. In fact a lot of people have actually done these things and still find that they’re not making them happy. A lot of people feel a lot of envy towards rich people (or people who look like models, etc), but what they seem to be unaware of is that feeling envious is exactly why they’re not happy.

Focus on what you have today and how you would like to grow it. Why compare yourself to others in the first place? Every person has his or her own path, every person has their own life story, their own narrative, so what we really need to focus on is how we can make things better for ourselves, and this starts with changing ourselves from within.

Follow your HeartFollow your heart!

People who follow their hearts also accept every hardship and challenge that comes their way. They’re not afraid of life or of giving it their best shot. But they’re afraid of not living authentically, and of not experiencing new things every single day of their lives.

Artisans and creative entrepreneurs usually have this in common: They don’t mind spending endless hours trying to make something work, learning a new skill, and trying to grow a small business from scratch. After all, all of these things are what truly gives life its meaning and makes every minute worthwhile.

 Image credits: All pix are CC0 1.0


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