For the Love of Pour-Over Coffee & Italian Moka + Printable Coffee Wall Art

Pour Over Coffee - Chemex Hario Betelli - by YaansoonI’m a recent convert to “real coffee.” Before meeting my husband I knew nothing about coffee as I was stuck on the instant variety. With his Italian background, my husband came into my life with his Moka coffeemaker, a little machine that changed the way I viewed this aromatic bean. This obsession led me to discover pour-over coffee, a Japanese method to create “slow coffee,” with double the ritual and the patience required for making an Italian cup of Espresso.

Because of my hubby, I realized that good coffee was about ritual, precision, and a process that started with fair trade farms and ended in a small cup of coffee.

The Italian Moka Coffeemaker

It all started with the first time he made me a cup of Espresso; that’s when I noticed how wonderfully rich and deep the flavor was… nothing like the instant coffee I was fond of at the time. To make Espresso, Italians use a Moka coffeemaker, patented in 1933 to Bialetti, an Italian inventor. Moka machines create coffee with steam that is trapped within the machine, a genius invention the Italians are very devoted to.

Strike Gold Coffee Pitcher - Bialetti - YaansoonThe “Slow Coffee” Movement

After doing some research about coffee I realized one very important thing: Not all coffee beans are created equal! Coffee aficionados care about the quality of their coffee, the origins of their bean, and other precise things that I personally am still learning! One thing I have learnt, though, is that the method by which coffee is brewed contributes to its final taste, placing this step on an equal footing with the type and the quality of the bean.

In a world that is moving faster and faster due to technological advancements of every kind, a lot of people, including hipsters, baristas, and nature lovers, are adopting olden traditions from places like Japan to revive a slower pace of living; a pace that honored ritual and gave it more weight and prominence in our lives than greed and other values like instant money-making.

Pour Over Coffee - Chemex - by YaansoonWhat I have been seeing in recent years is a surge in indie interest in pour-over coffee, which is becoming more and more popular among hipsters and individuals who favor organic living. They are calling it the “slow coffee” movement. Artists, designers, and especially lettering, typography and calligraphy illustrators are for some reason closer than others to this movement. Maybe it’s because of the idea of spending quite some time creating one cup of coffee; a reminder of our origins as people, who happen to perform much better when we are doing things mindfully and meditatively!

Pour Over Coffee - Hario - by Yaansoon

The Hario: A Ritualistic Japanese Pour-Over Kettle

And who is better at ritual than the Japanese? For years, I have been fascinated with their tea rituals, which, to be mastered, require a mentor. The Japanese are not ritualistic about tea, only; they approach coffee with the same ritualistic respect. Although not as steep in history as tea,  a Japanese pour-over kettle was created in 1921. It’s called the Hario (as seen in the picture above and the one below). The Hario is for pouring hot water over a coffee filter to create “slow coffee.” Defining a new way to relate to our mornings and really helping us connect with a deeper core withing ourselves, the Hario pour-over kettle is now making waves in western culture and really taking coffee making to the next level.

Hario Copper Pour-Over Kettle3

The Chemex: A German coffee filter pitcher

The Hario often goes with another invention that was created in 1941 by a German inventor, the Chemex (below). There are other companies creating Chemex-like variations now a days, but the principle is very similar… and that is to allow the water dripping from a pour-over kettle to pass through a coffee filter in order to brew “slow coffee.”

Pour Over Coffee - Chemex - by YaansoonThere are other ways to create a Chemex-like machine if you are a DIY buff. See this tutorial for the copper stand (below) to make your own pour-over coffee stand!

Pour Over Coffee - Hario - by YaansoonThe Coffee Grinder

Needless to say, to brew the perfect cup of coffee requires some freshly ground beans that have kept their original aromas. And although there are electronic coffee grinders out there in the market, hipsters and “slow coffee” baristas seem to prefer a manual grinder that requires the same kind of mindfulness and slowness associated with creating a ritualistic cup of coffee – like the grinder below (see image credits at the end of the post).

Pour Over Coffee - Chemex Hario Betelli - by YaansoonPrintable Coffee Wall Art | By Yaansoon

Inspired by all the things I have learnt about pour-over coffee, I decided to create printable wall art for coffee lovers who appreciate a slow cup of coffee.

My creations are all available at our Etsy shop and are designed with the highest resolution possible, with an extra file for professional printing (with bleed and registration marks) if you wish to take yours to a print shop. The print shop will appreciate a professional file to print from :)

Pour Over Coffee Wall Décor Printable | Vintage Typography, Art Print, Kitchen Art, Coffee Art, INSTANT DOWNLOAD | By YAANSOON

Pour Over Coffee Wall Art Printable | Vintage Typography, Art Print, Kitchen Art, Coffee Art, INSTANT DOWNLOAD | By YAANSOON

Pour Over Coffee Wall Art Printable | Typography, Geometric Art Print, Scandinavian, Kitchen Art, Coffee Art, INSTANT DOWNLOAD | By YAANSOON

Moka Pot Coffee Wall Art | Printable, Typography, Geometric Print, Scandinavian Art, Kitchen Art, Coffee Art, INSTANT DOWNLOAD | By YAANSOON

Coffee Grinder Wall Art Printable | Typography, Geometric Print, Scandinavian Art, Kitchen Art, Coffee, INSTANT DOWNLOAD | By YAANSOONMoreover, the last three posters in this collection have an “infotainment” (or “infographic”) edge and come with an extra design element that reminds us of the year the iconic coffee machine in the design was created.

Yaansoon Pour Over Coffee Wall Art - Geometric Poster - FOR HOMEI’ve actually learnt a lot about coffee from this article that was published by The New York Times, so if you are interested, hop on over to read about: Coffee’s Slow Dance | Japan’s Pour-Over Coffee Wins Converts.

And if you would like some additional coffee inspiration, why not visit my Pinterest board dedicated to coffee?

Well… I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon…

Pour Over Coffee - Chemex Hario Betelli - Pinterest - by Yaansoon

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2 thoughts on “For the Love of Pour-Over Coffee & Italian Moka + Printable Coffee Wall Art

  1. I’m still stuck on the instant variety but that’s probably because I’m more of a tea drinker. But these slow method pots make want to brew a cup of coffee right now. Great post!



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