How to Save on Home Decor + Promo Code For My Society6 Pillows & Throw Blankets

How to Save on Home Decor + Promo Code For My Society6 Pillows & Throw Blankets | By YaansoonIf you’re in the habit of moving flats or countries as frequently as I do, then you must start re-thinking your nesting strategy. One thing I’ve learnt from living like a nomad was that home accessories can bring so much more into your living space than actual furniture!

The other day I could not believe how my very ugly hallway was transformed into a piece of art – by simply throwing in a couple of original paintings and prints on the wall, and a couple of throw pillows on a lonely chair! Such a huge difference for so little! Which brings me to the following tips…

Save by Purchasing Minimalist & Affordable Furniture

In recent years, I have been into buying very plain and very affordable furniture (chairs, sofas, beds, etc), while investing my dough into well-designed and eclectic home decor pieces and accessories – which also gave my home and studio their distinct artistic look.

I am saying this because I come from a family that appreciates bulky furniture and that has frequently lectured me on the merits of investing into furniture – not accessories. But I have found the opposite to be true to my lifestyle. For various reasons (including travel and a life rooted in wanderlust), I had to give away every piece of furniture I have invested in. But fortunately, I still have some of the small accessories and pieces that carry all the memories and the coziness with them. Those are the ones that matter and that remind me I’m home.

I always go for a minimalist piece of furniture with clean lines. Minimalist furniture does not over-impose itself in a room, and is extremely flexible to work with when redecorating, as opposed to furniture that is over embellished and that can easily clash with styles other than its own.

How to Save on Home Decor + Promo Code For My Society6 Pillows & Throw Blankets | By YaansoonInvest in Affordable, Yet Striking Home Accessories

I’ve said it before… pillows are my most favorite home-decor accessory in the world. They can turn a living room, a bedroom, and even a kitchen or dining room into a stylish space in seconds. They can also help you achieve the style you are after for much less.

The thing is, creatives usually keep on changing and evolving their personal style. You can’t just keep on buying furniture to match your style every time you’re infatuated with a new look or trend. The easiest way to keep your personal or work space interesting is by re-decorating and re-imagining the accessories in your space.

How to Save on Home Decor + Promo Code For My Society6 Pillows & Throw Blankets | By YaansoonFREE Worldwide Shipping + 20% Off Throw Blankets & Pillows

If you’re in the mood for changing the look of your bedroom or living room, here is a promo link to help you get a limited-time discount (of 20%) + free worldwide shipping on all pillows and throw blankets at my Society6 shop. The promo is valid until February 7, 2016:

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Have a lovely day, and happy redecorating!





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