Love What You Do, Create, and Spread Your Wings | Printable Tropical Wall Art

Love What You Do: Printable Tropical Wall Art | By YAANSOON on ETSYThe most important lesson life has taught me, boils down to one thing: Nothing is more important than loving and enjoying what you do! Taking a job because it pays better will never sustain you if you hate it. Making a few pennies while doing what you really love will feel like you own the world!

The first job I had after graduation was as an environmental reporter. It paid me pennies, but I loved it. As journalism is generally an underpaid vocation, I crossed over to the other side of the equation, to PR, and started moving up the ladder. Truth is, I hated every moment of it. Clients were ruthless, bosses were self-absorbed, and peers were back-stabing-ly competitive. And the pay was great, so I stayed and moved on!

Love What You Do | Tropical Wall Art in Pantone’s colors of the year 2016, Rose quartz & Serenity Blue | By Yaansoon

I kept on swinging between PR and media, and while being a managing editor for a couple of magazines, I realized that the one thing I loved about the whole process was sitting with the designers and figuring out the magazine’s look and feel, relaunching our brand, and using design to enhance content engagement.

Somewhere along the way, I started creating handmade wire jewelry as a side gig. That took me to experimenting with hand-printed fabrics, and from there I started dabbling with illustration and a bit of design, while taking online courses along the way to improve my skills.

Spread Your Wings: Printable Tropical Wall Art | By YAANSOON on ETSYLast year around this time, I quit my job as director of PR at a comms and events firm. Every day there, one nagging thought pursued me ever so relentlessly: I really hated what I was doing. Every day I wished I could spend my time doing what I loved.

Spread Your Wings | Tropical Wall Art | By Yaansoon

Love What You Create: Printable Tropical Wall Art | By YAANSOON on ETSYSo, one day I woke up feeling like I couldn’t take it any more. The weight of my work was much heavier than usual, not because I couldn’t handle a big load, but because my heart has finally reached its limits going against its true dreams and desires.

Love What You Create | Tropical Wall Art | By Yaansoon

It’s true what they say… The heart wants what it wants!

You can spend years fighting it, but ultimately it will win, and when it does all you can do is surrender to your heart’s calling.

I created the three Tropical Wall Art Printables featured in this post to celebrate the new feelings and realities of my life… and to thank my Heart for all that it has done for me!

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