For the Love of Vintage Mediterranean Homes and Tunisian Ceramics

For the Love of Vintage Mediterranean Homes & Tunisian Ceramics | Editorial Illustrations by YaansoonEver had the chance to live in an old Mediterranean village, away from  tourist centers, and in the midst of tradition and country life? What about spending the afternoon sipping on delicious mint tea, lovingly poured into a beautiful ceramic tea cup, while enjoying the calming view of a blue-turquoise sea? That’s heaven, right? And these new illustrations are just about that Mediterranean dream!

I’m not one for too much modernity. I was once invited to a conference hosted at a state-of-the-art hotel, featuring cutting-edge design and super modern interiors. I couldn’t sleep a wink; the uber modernity of my hotel room was too cold and distant for my taste. It missed the coziness and the dreaminess of a structure built with warm, natural materials, lovingly handmade with love.

The best wanderlust experiences I have ever had were always in unpretentious places, where old traditional houses nestled dreamily beneath orange groves, while the distant sea lent the spectacle a gorgeous blue tint that is both calming and soothing to the soul.

Old Mediterranean homes are not just beautiful to look at, they’re also built with healthy materials that can breathe, like clay. A home that is able to literally breathe can influence everything from your mood to your sleep to your imagination. That’s why I believe the best places to be are down-to-earth, naturally built, and cozy.

For the Love of Vintage Mediterranean Homes & Tunisian Ceramics | Editorial Illustrations by YaansoonThe Mediterranean has always been my prime preference for travel, both mentally with my imagination as well as physically.

I have been to ten Mediterranean countries so far, including Cyprus, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, and Egypt. One of my great grandmothers is from Morocco and that might be the reason I am head-over-heels in love with this North African Mediterranean country that is rich in every aspect of its arts and crafts lifestyle.

But when it comes to Mediterranean pottery, handmade Tunisian ceramics are my most coveted, owing to their unique, detailed and whimsical patterns and motifs. In the second image above, I have included one of my hand-illustrated Tunisian tea sets in an editorial-style page, featuring a paragraph from this article by the National Geographic: Handmade Tunisian Ceramics.

For the Love of Vintage Mediterranean Homes & Tunisian Ceramics | Editorial Lifestyle Illustrations by Yaansoon

As for the first illustration in this post, it is inspired by a Mediterranean home that belongs to someone dear to me – someone who has taught me a lot about life, inner strength, faith and art.

I hope you enjoyed this post’s story and illustrations, and I do hope to see you soon with another post!

P.S: Turns out this is my 100th post on WordPress! Nice! :)

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