Freebie: ‘Spring is Here’ | Hand-illustrated Desktop Wallpaper

Spring is here - desktop wallpaper - by YaansoonHello, hello! It’s time for a new hand-illustrated freebie by Yaansoon, and this time the theme of this free desktop wallpaper is Spring! With this free download, the color green will be greeting you every time you log into your computer!

If you fancy this desktop wallpaper then simply download it HERE, or click the download button below. Enjoy!

3-Yaansoon DOWNLOAD FREEBIEGreen is the color of rejuvenation, love, and well-being. It’s the “official” color of nature; calming, soothing, and healing. The color Green brings back a sense of well-being, and removes negative energy from our hearts and bodies.

Spring is here - desktop wallpaper - by Yaansoon

The hand-illustrated leaves in this design are part of a botanical series I am working on. I thought of borrowing these leaves for my new freebie to add a touch of whimsy to this desktop wallpaper.

If you would like to see my previous freebies (which were created before the launch of my new logo and branding identity), please check out this link.

Have fun with this new Spring-y wallpaper, and I do hope to see you soon with a new blog post!

Yaansoon hand-illustrated branding and patterns



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