New Illustration: A Moroccan-Mediterranean Breakfast

New Illustration: A Moroccan-Mediterranean Breakfast | Original artwork by Yaansoon

Olives, mint tea, freshly-baked bread, and fried eggs are some of the key staples of a Mediterranean breakfast. Add to that a nice Moroccan table cloth, an electric blue “shinko” teapot, and a lovely hand-painted pink plate, and you got yourself a global-chic table setting fit for a festive breakfast with friends and loved ones.

I was born into a family of foodies, starting with my late grandmother whose dishes spanned the Mediterranean, and where yummy and very nourishing both to the body and the soul. To my mother’s family, food is not just something to devour. It’s a festivity that brings together friends and family in an invitation to enjoy astonishing flavours, and to indulge in a new culinary experience that can delight the senses and ignite the imagination.

When I made this illustration, I was tapping into my own personal culinary heritage, that is a mixture of so many influences, including my strong passion for Moroccan motifs, Mediterranean food culture, and multi-cultural folk/ethnic heritage.

New Illustration: A Moroccan-Mediterranean Breakfast | Original artwork by Yaansoon

In the above picture, you can see the original sketch I made using pigmented ink. It’s very much representative of the breakfast parties my mother throws every once in a while, as she took after her mother (my grandmother). My mom is a traveller who loves collecting authentic handcrafts, ceramics, and souvenirs from around the globe. She has stacks and stacks of multi-ethnic tableware that are so delightful to look at, and that can often transform a simple breakfast party into something totally divine!

UPDATE: Watch this new video (above) to see my first attempt at semi-animating my illustrations :)

Well, I do hope you enjoyed this post, and I do look forward to seeing you again in my next one!

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