Illustration Friday – Wood

Illustration Friday - Wood | By Yaansoon Illustration

I’m submitting this illustration to a website called “Illustration Friday.” It’s the first time I take part in this weekly challenge, and I couldn’t be happier that this week’s topic is “wood.” The way I interpreted this topic is very much linked to the fact I once had a handcrafts line of wooden and organic jewelry. With this inspiration in mind, I decided to create an illustration that spoke about stylish and minimalist kitchen and tableware items made by skilled woodworkers.

This illustration celebrates the natural beauty and texture of wood, and the many types of timber used to create unique kitchenware that can add so much to any stylish and organic kitchen.

Hand-finished with mineral oil and beeswax, beautiful kitchen utensils – like trays, cutting boards, pepper shakers and coffee mills – can be handcrafted using birch, black walnut, Italian olive wood, maple wood, white oak, cherry birch, and beech wood.

I love kitchenware that balances classic details with contemporary forms and organic textures. Those don’t just add a stylish statement to your kitchen, but can also add a lot of intimacy and flavour to your dishes.

I have two boards on Pinterest dedicated to organic kitchens and minimalist decor ideas; please feel free to pay them a visit here:

Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to seeing you in my next post!

Yaansoon hand-illustrated branding and patterns



11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Wood

  1. Such pretty illustrations! What would be so cool if you did a wood cut of these, definitely a bit harder but they would look amazing :)
    Kathy x


    1. Hey Kathy – thank you for your kind comment! We’re on the same wavelength here; I actually did try to use wood slices as the filling, but it ended up slowing down my computer so much I had to resort to a different plan – but I see what you’re saying, it would look super cool :) x



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