New Illustrations: Self-Portrait and Contact Page + Limited-Edition Lifestyle Blog Branding Services on Etsy

Yaansoon Self Portrait Illustration - About + PortfolioIn today’s post I would like to highlight the new illustrations I made for both my About+Portfolio page and my Contact page… as well as the launch of three limited-edition listings on my Etsy shop – dedicated for branding lifestyle, food, and beauty blogs.

I spent last night working on a revamped look for both my About+Portfolio and Contact pages. I have been putting off my self-portrait illustration for sometime now, but I’m glad I spent those extra hours last night to finish it up.

I wanted the self-portrait illustration to reflect who I am as an illustrator and not just the way I looked. Since I love world & tribal cultures + culinary & botanical motifs, I tried to reflect this in my choice of ethnic-looking clothing (which actually reflects my personal fashion style), and added a botanical frame to encapsulate the direction of my illustration style.

Contact Us Form Illustration by Yaansoon Illustration

Lifestyle Blog Re-Branding

Speaking of blog revamping, a week or so ago, I was approached by LexiLife blog on WordPress to create a new logo and blog header for this up-and-coming health and lifestyle blog. The lovely blogger behind LexiLife wanted a blog header that incorporated some of my hand-illustrated botanical motifs, and communicated her interest through my new Contact page. She also had a pretty good idea about the color scheme of her blog, and when I popped by her blog I could gather enough visual cues to help me with my new design.

To be honest, I have worked with so many clients in the PR, media and advertising fields and I have never seen this kind of clarity of vision and professionalism from any of my previous clients or colleagues. Her attitude as a client and fellow blogger played a huge role in putting me in the right mindset for the design, which I truly had a great time making.

LexiLife was also kind enough to write about her experience in this blog post, which received a lot of positive feedback from her readers. Here is an excerpt:

Before I start this weeks blog post, I just want to direct you to my amazing new header! It’s had a major re-vamp and it’s all down to Yaansoon over at Yaansoon Illustration. I am obsessed with it! It was done by freehand with water colour and ink, check a video here on how it was done or simply check out their blog for more designs that could suit your blog too! It’s so gorgeous and perfect for a lifestyle blog. I hope you like it as much as I do…let me know what you think guys pretty please!

Limited-Time Lifestyle Blog Branding Services on Etsy (Case Study - Lifestyle Blog, LexiLife logo & blog header) | By Yaansoon Illustration
Case-Study: LexiLife new blog branding by Yaansoon Illustration

As mentioned above, I wanted to create a unique logo that reflected the spirit of a feminine lifestyle blog that had a strong focus on health and fitness. To reflect that, I opted for a hand-illustrated look and feel – by creating botanical motifs using watercolours and ink. I then incorporated those elements into my final design.

You can see the three main branding products that I have created for LexiLife, in the case-study above.

I’d like to extend this service to other bloggers on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and other blogging platforms – who might be interested in revamping their blogs. And so I created three listings on Etsy for this purpose, and they will be available for a limited time only as my main focus for the time-being is on other types of illustration:

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and looking forward to seeing you in my next one!

Yaansoon hand-illustrated branding and patterns


4 thoughts on “New Illustrations: Self-Portrait and Contact Page + Limited-Edition Lifestyle Blog Branding Services on Etsy

  1. I absolutely love your work on Lexi’s blog! Gorgeous – when I can fit it into my budget, I’ll be contacting you about updating the look of my blog. ;)


  2. You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words. I had no idea that my vision for my blog was so clear up until now, I just thought I was fussy haha! I can not thank you enough for creating practically the face of my blog!! We should always stay in contact Yaansoon. Keep up the amazing work – I always look forward in seeing what you’re up to next. Let’s hope this takes off for you xx

    Liked by 1 person


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