Mixed-Media Illustration: Moroccan Home with Arabic Lettering

Mixed-Media Illustration: Moroccan Home with Arabic Lettering | By Yaansoon Illustration

Traditional Moroccan homes have an air of peace about them. Their high walls and beautiful doors lead to a courtyard that often comes with a water feature in its center. As you enter, the hustle and bustle of the busy streets is left behind… and you are soon greeted with silence and a siesta-inviting romantic breeze. Many homes have these spiritual words near or above the door, which is the inspiration behind my illustration.

In this hand-lettered illustration, I wanted to bring back the soothing sensations I experienced when I visited Morocco a few years ago.

Doors in Morocco are a work of art. The arched ones sometimes come with two toned stones (in black and white), which is coincidentally a traditional architectural feature that is also popular in Syria.

There are some beautiful spiritual traditions associated with doorways, and people often recite special spiritual verses before setting foot inside a doorway, as a sign of respect and peace.

Entering a home as a visitor is a very humbling experience that starts with the right foot, known in the Moroccan and Arab cultures as the “bringer of good.” The reason for these traditions is the strong belief that one’s home is his/her special abode and an extension of their earthly existence, and that their place of residence should be treated with the same level of respect and sensitivity as one would treat the person living in it.

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