My Travel Illustrations Journal: Tunisian Ceramics

'My Travel Illustrations Journal': Tunisian Ceramics | By Yaansoon IllustrationThe most breathtaking ceramics I’ve ever seen are handcrated by Tunisian artisans in this wonderful Mediterranean country. I’ve been collecting Tunisian ceramics long before my first visit to this North African gem. For this post, I have illustrated my Tunisian ceramics collection, consisting of large display plates, Tajine pots, tea cups, and tiny small dishes. This is also the first official page in my newly created blog series, dubbed ‘My Travel Illustrations Journal.’

A few years ago, I traveled to Tunisia as part of a music tour and multi-cultural project, organised by the British Council. We stopped in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, for a night on our way to Tabarka, a pristine coastal town famous for The Tabarka Jazz Festival.

That morning, the bus took us to a small mini-market opposite the sea in a quite corner of Tunis. I remember standing in awe at the sight of the deep blue sea – as I stepped out of the mini-market with my bag of water bottles and snacks, before going on a 10-hour drive to our destination.

'My Travel Illustrations Journal': Tunisian Ceramics | By Yaansoon IllustrationI think the navy-indigo hues of the Tunisian sea-view of the Mediterranean have a lot to do with the rich colors used in Tunisian ceramics, with their beautifully glazed surfaces, hand-painted patterns and intricate designs. Blues and navies are an essential colour in the Tunisian ceramics tradition, as well as a backdrop of white that seems to always help the blues to pop!

'My Travel Illustrations Journal': Tunisian Ceramics | By Yaansoon Illustration

Tunisian Ceramics & Food Gatherings

I’m generally a strong advocate of a beautifully arranged table setting that invites the senses and creates a certain welcoming and enticing mood. Food in my culture is much more than just a few bites to calm a hungry stomach down. There is a long history of hospitality and attention to detail associated with food – as a social event, a cultural activity and a a ritual that involves several disciplines of the arts.

'My Travel Illustrations Journal': Tunisian Ceramics | By Yaansoon IllustrationIn a previous post, I wrote about how in my family Tunisian ceramics, as well as other handcrafted dining accessories and cutlery from other countries, are an essential part of our food festivities. You can read all about it in this post here – Illustration Inspiration: Colourful lunch the Mediterranean Way.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post, and I do look forward to seeing you all in my next one!

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