Illustrated Infographic: How to be Beautiful Inside Out

Illustrated Infographic: How to be Beautiful Inside Out | By Yaansoon IllustrationDo you ever feel depressed after watching the news? Do you feel like you’ve been dragged into the mud after having a chat with certain people, who seem to be very negative and cynical about everything in life? Well, you’re not alone. And the great news is, you can do something about it! This illustrated infographic is about living a beautiful life inside out.

Our senses are the channels by which we communicate with the world around us. How do we expect to live a life of fulfillment and beauty if those channels are being muddied, by either our own thoughts and actions, or by some external factors – like the news, the media, magazines, social media, etc?!

One thing I have learnt from my previous work in the media and PR worlds is that in order to live in today’s’ cluttered world – packed with so many voices, ideas, advertising, PR stunts, activism, and news buzzing all around us at all times – we need to set our own standards for what we “allow” to go in, and what we allow to go out of our system.

Listening to depressing news can not only put us in a bad mood, but it can also maim our view about the world as well as our definition of happiness, and can ultimately cripple our attempt at living a happy and beautiful life.

Gossip, envy, and jealousy, if not monitored and harnessed can turn into hatred, bias, and prejudice… so we really need to be careful about what goes in inside of our hearts and minds so as to be able to become the people we want to be – beautiful, smart, courageous, creative, and truly free!


Please read part 2 of this post here, and check out the new video on YouTube:

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s infographic! Looking forward to seeing you in my next post!

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