Watercolor Illustration: Rose Water for your Beauty, Culinary Adventures, and Home

Watercolor Illustration: Rose Water Bottle | By Yaansoon Illustration

With summer fast approaching, rose water with its lovely scent and endless beauty care and culinary uses is a must-have product to be placed strategically in both your pantry, and your makeup bag! I’ve been using rose water for years now, and I thought I’d create this watercolour illustration to celebrate one of my most favorite natural ingredients!

Rose water is the distilled essence of rose petals. There are different grades of rose water – and so it is important to buy a brand that is all natural and that is known for using the best of ingredients. Look for Lebanese brands as those are known for making some of the world’s best varieties. And make sure the bottle you are ordering is in a glass bottle or container, not a plastic one.

Rose Water and Natural Beauty

Let’s start with the marvelous natural beauty benefits of rose water.

I for one like to spritz a little rose water on a cotton pad and like to use it as an all natural makeup remover and toner. My grandmother once told me that rose water can add a nice warm glow to one’s skin if used for at least once a week. That’s because the antioxidant properties of rose water can actually help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues. It can also help heal a number of other skin conditions, such as scars, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Rose water can also help hydrate, revitalise and moisturise your skin giving it an unmistakable refreshed look.

Watercolor Illustration: Rose Water Bottle | By Yaansoon IllustrationRose Water and Middle Eastern Cuisine

In Lebanese and other Middle Eastern cuisines, rose water has been used as a flavouring for centuries. Confectioneries have traditionally used it to scent sweet syrups, puddings, pastries, and ice creams. Lebanese Baklawa (aka Baklava) and the most delicious Turkish Delight (also called “Rahet el Halkoum” or “Raha” in Arabic), are two dishes that have rose water as an essential ingredient.

Watercolor Illustration: Rose Water Bottle | By Yaansoon IllustrationRose Water and Your Home

The aroma of rose water is said to be a powerful mood enhancer as it can rid you of feelings of anxiety and can also promote emotional balance and well-being. That’s why pouring rose water into a spray bottle and using it as a natural home freshener can not only add a beautiful scent to the air but also positively affect the mood of the people in the house.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post! Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to seeing you in my next illustrated story!

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