Exciting News: The Countdown to the Launch of My New Website Has Started

Exciting News: The Countdown to the Launch of My New Website Has Started | By Yaansoon IllustrationI am so excited to share with you all the long-awaited ‘soft launch’ of my new website, Yaansoon.com. This self-hosted blog and website is still in the making, but I do hope to make the official launch in the coming few weeks!

If you would like to stay in touch and receive future blog posts from my new blog, please don’t hesitate to subscribe to my newsletter. You can do so over here: http://eepurl.com/b5RyjH.

Although I’m planning to keep my current yaansoon.wordpress.com blog online as my “beta” blogging experiment, I’m feeling a little bit emotional about leaving it. I have met such nice people over at WordPress.com and I feel like I have a small family in so many countries across the world.

WordPress.com is such an excellent blogging platform. It has so many customization features, a community, and some really cool blogging perks. But staying on a free blog platform also means that you are limited in your options.

I will be posting one more time on this blog and it will be about launching my new website. I don’t want it to be a final goodbye but more like a “see you again” kind of post.

I miss you already and look forward to seeing you all in the next chapter of my blogging journey! Meanwhile, here are the online addresses that you can find me at, so don’t be a stranger!

Yaansoon hand-illustrated branding and patterns










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