{Handmade Designer-Makers} Printing by Hand & Stamping

I’m a big fan of stamps, and in this post I would like to share with you all some of the best pins I have collected on Pinterest.

Source: ishtarolivera.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest
Printing by hand… what a lovely phrase; it reminds us that beautiful things are often handmade. The picture above belongs to hand-maker, Ishtar Olivera, whose blog is a real gem. Carving a stamp into a flower-shaped imprint is a lovely addition to the side corner of a napkin.
ishtarolivera stampSource: ishtarolivera.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

The same artist, Olivera, created the stamp above, which reminds me of Scandinavian folk art, with its botanical and bird motifs. Love how the circle engulfs the little piece of jungle Olivera has masterfully carved into this stamp.

Source: smartsandcrafts.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Yellow Owl Workshop is another place where you can find Carve-A-Stamp Kits and much more. The stamps above are by one of the co-founders of this lovely project, as far as this website tells us. The imprints made by the stamps are vintage-like and remind us of postal stamps and retro and nostalgic labels!

i am the labSource: mapleandbelmont.com  via Yaansoon on Pinterest

From complicated shapes, to simpler ones with this lovely mini-hearts stamp (above), perfect for adding a little touch of fun to your packaging tags. The lovely thing about printing by hand is that the effect of stamping almost turns any stamped shape into an art piece!

5e814b148c34528e45769f213198bbb7Source: stampcouture’s Etsy shop  via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Shapes of everyday things become very special works of art when stamped; bicycles, typewriters, and even pens, become somewhat very artistic once stamped on paper. Maybe it’s this thin film of ink, rugged and rustic in a way, that really gives stamps their glorious shape!

I hope you enjoyed today’s inspiration, hope to see you soon!



{Handmade Designer-Makers} The beautiful art of Geninne Zlatkis

{Handmade Designer-Makers} The beautiful art of Geninne Zlatkis | By Yaansoon

Geninne Zaltkis is my number one artist in the world. A resident of the colonial city of Queretaro in Mexico, Geninne is probably the most inspiring artist I have come across so far; her work simply makes me happy, and I am always so amazed by her quality of work.

Geninne’s Art Blog is where  you will find all the amazing things she makes. She seems to have started off by creating illustrations, but in recent years she’s been branching out into other mediums.

Leather jewelry that bear her signature birds come readily to mind (like the brooch below).

Genine's art

In this bracelet (below) Geninne burns leather and applies paint to a piece of leather to create a beautiful and unique cuff bracelet. Her attention to detail, the way she creates her feathered “characters” is so unique and beautiful.

Genine's artIt doesn’t stop at that! Geninne also manages to turn her winged creatures into stamps. She is actually an expert on stamp-carving and has a lovely book titled, “Making an Impression,” a smart title for what I am sure an essential book for all crafters.

Look at this bird, the majestic lines, the detail, the vibe it sends out… not just a shape on a rubber stamp!

GenineThe way Geninne “interprets” Mexico is also so very special and unique, you can see some motifs and shapes, like this cactus stamp (below), but you don’t feel it’s a generic shape, it is a piece of Mexico loved and brought to us by Geninne’s artistic talent.

Genine's art stampFor more stamp ideas by Geninne, go to my Pinterest board for stamps.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and hope to see you again soon. Take care :)


{Designer-Makers} Trinkets by Folksy-Etsy indie desinger-makers

Source "Bicycle Necklace" in this post: folksy.com via Yaansoon on PinterestYaansoon is about trinkets and objects that are handcrafted and inspired by nature, botanical themes, and found objects. And it is a great pleasure to always find beautiful handmade crafts made by other makers and artists.

In the countdown to Yaansoon’s official launch, here is some inspiration from online shops, Folksy and Etsy. So, folks, here are some of my recent favorites:

“In India I saw” Small pinback buttons | By Meeralee

20de82c411b3fc6103d5cf24640bafbaSource: etsy.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Typewriter shrink-plastic brooch By Kayleigh O’Mara

a36a2d712256106da1c2a83dd29c8fd4Source: frankly.folksy.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Pocket Notebook By InkyPrints-Originals

Pocket Notebook By InkyPrints-Originals

Source: folksy.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Swedish-fish mug by Jilly Bird

Fish Mug - Swedish Style, retroSource: folksy.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Squirrel mug by Jilly Bird

Squirrel Mug 6.00 GBP | By Jilly Bird Source: folksy.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Source of  “Bicycle Necklace” photo: folksy.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest