{Styling Inspiration}: Photography lessons I learnt from big ads to style my indie products

Styling Inspiration - Yaansoon blogTo take photos of my handmade products, as an indie maker, I felt like I needed to get some inspiration from  corporate product photo shoots that attracted my attention. By seeing which elements I liked best about different photo compositions, I was able to come up with my own styling ideas for Yaansoon.

Here are a few ads and product photos that I have pinned recently. My Pinterest board Indie | Styling has a lot of images that inspire our styling work here at Yaansoon. These images have helped us hone our photography style {as well as our packaging} for Yaansoon.

Free People Styling Inspiration

  • Shabby Chic: This is a Free People photo of their pearl jewelry collection.
  • Styling Inspiration: What I like about this photo is the off-white background, and the lighter-toned foreground. This inspired me to use off-white packaging tags that carry Yaansoon’s objects and trinkets.
  • Image Credit: freepeople.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest
Chobani Kitchen 'Just Add Good' by Leo Burnett New York , via Behance
  • Rustic/Culinary: Above is an ad by Leo Burnett New York, one of the biggest names in the advertising world. The client they created this ad for is Chobani yogurt. I loved all their ads, which you can find here.
  • Styling Inspiration: Again, this ad, in comparison with other Chobani ads, has an off-white-ish background. This ad in particular has a lot of light, and shows off the elements in a fresh way. I used an off-white background for almost all my photo shoots for Yaansoon’s products, it worked much better for me than using a plain white background.
  • Image Credit: behance.net via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Vintage Clothing for Women at Free People

  • Vintage/Rustic: Above is another Free People photo of their brass jewelry collection.
  • Styling Inspiration: Although the background is too dark to work with for my indie products, I like the composition of this online inspiration photo. The jewelry items can be individually seen, however, they are not put together in a boring fashion. They’re almost casually sitting there, but not in a cluttered manner. This inspired some of the photos I took for some of Yaansoon’s handmade jewelry.
  • Image Credit: freepeople.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest

Vintage Clothing for Women at Free People

  • Vintage/Boho: Again here is another Free People photo of vintage bottles.
  • Styling Inspiration: What I like here is the fact there is not much “contrast” in the photo, and there is a lot of shadow as well as muted, vintage-y colors. This actually inspired my photo editing process. I used to use too much “contrast” and “exposure,” as a self-taught Photoshop user. Seeing these photos, I was finally at peace with shadow and a bit of darkness in the photos I produced.
  • Image Credit: freepeople.com via Yaansoon on Pinterest


The photo on the left in this post’s intro is from a Chobani yogurt ad, created by Leo Burnett New York. The photo is via Behance, or you can see it here in my Pinterest board.

Chobani Kitchen 'Just Add Good' by Leo Burnett New York , via BehanceImage Credit: behance.net via Yaansoon on Pinterest




{Show & Tell} Art with recycled old book pages

Earth Day 2015In the lead up to earth day, we thought of sharing some images of our earth-friendly work.

Old book pages are a great canvas to work with. We love adding botanical illustrations to worn-out book pages that have turned yellow over time.

Yaansoon - recycled paper art with botanical motifsApplying water color to old book pages in easy thing. The paper wrinkles when water touches the surface. But I learned a technique that painters use; stretch the paper after you run a water-soaked sponge over it.

Yaansoon - at The Farmers' Market Jordan | Recycling old book pages into artThe picture above has a cardboard we decoupaged some old book pages to to use for display purposes.It helps create a nice background for photography too.

We have a special Pinterest board for recycling paper, and it has a lot of artistic ideas. You can check it out here.

{Show & Tell} Salvaged wood… to handmade office push pins

Organic driftwood turned to office pushpins, by YaansoonI created these tree-branch push pins with my husband a while back, using salvaged wood found in the alleyways.

My husband takes long walks around town to look for materials for Yaansoon. He once told me that a lot of people are pruning their trees and throwing long tree branches at the sides of the tiny roads connecting our area, where our atelier and craft room are located.

I asked him to bring back with him some of those tree branches to see if we can do something with them. And in deed we did!

We washed the tree branches and placed them in a sunny area to air dry. My husband then used a saw to cut them to pieces, we then found a way to turn them into push pins. We experimented with many kinds of wood before finally finding the one kind that really worked as a push pin.

These push pins, aka thumb tacks, look great on a cork board. Absolutely rustic and quirky and we love them.

{DIY Packaging} Recycling Ikea packaging to make your own… handmade packaging!

Yaansoon wood pushpins 2Recycling materials to create our own packaging is at the heart of Yaansoon’s philosophy. Why add more litter to the world, when we can turn it to a functional piece of art or packaging?

The packaging of the tree-branch push pins I mentioned in a previous post, is  very interesting. See the triangle cardboard boxes below? These are actually made from protective packaging used by IKEA to wrap their HYLLIS garden shelving unit.

Yaansoon wood pushpins- recycled packaging These white cardboard triangles looked too cute to throw away, so we decided to recycle them into packaging for our handmade wooden push, pins, aka thumb tacks.

Yaansoon wood pushpins -LARGEHere is a photo of IKEA’s HYLLIS shelves {click photo to go to source}.

IKEA Jordan - Hyllis - Yaansoon - RecyclingThese shelves come with some really useful packaging. Actually all Ikea packaging is useful. We have recycled many cardboard items into packaging for Yaansoon. We also upcycle paper and other materials to package our handmade products, like glass jars, fabric, and metal.

{DIY Packaging} Make your own indie-business tags

{DIY Packaging} Make your own indie-business tags | By YaansoonMaking your own tags is real easy. Tags are important to a handmade indie business, because they create brand visibility for your handmade items. And for practical reasons, they allow you to stick the price to their backs.

In previous posts I have discussed the importance of packaging and brand identity.

As an indie business, you don’t have to hire a professional to create a brand identity. This will help you keep your costs down, and at the same time you will find that by going solo, the learning experience is not to be missed.

{DIY Packaging} Make your own indie-business tags | By YaansoonMaterials needed for this project:

  • Tag template
  • Hole punch & scissors
  • Custom-made stamp with your logo on it
  • Ink pad

{DIY Packaging} Make your own indie-business tags | By YaansoonA lot of research is involved, and so many nights of thinking and work. But when you actually create your own handmade trademark, with packaging that speaks to your concept, a logo, and social media pages… you will get a great sense of achievement!

Here are a few more links on the topic of packaging for an indie handmade business:

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